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EDCI 3800: Professional Issues in Teaching: Introduction

Useful library resources for EDCI 3800, Dr. Kelly King

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Websites of Interest

No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top

Boys are struggling

MLK - Selection 1 - "Education may not be able to change the hearts of men, but it can change the habits of men."

MLK - Selection 2 - "Morehouse College Student Paper, The Maroon Tiger, in 1947"

Notes on the State of Virginia

Teacher-Centered Philosophies

Student-Centered Philosophies

The First Year - YouTube video

Kansas, 2017, The first 9 months

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Video: Grünberg, S., Crane, B., Independent Television Service., Log In Productions., & LOGTV, Ltd. (1999). School prayer: A community at war. Spencer, N.Y: Log In Productions.

A Class Divided, Yale University Films; WGBH Educational Foundation; written by William Peters and Charlie Cobb; produced and directed by William Peters; correspondent, Charlie Cobb, Publication Info: 1985.

Beyond F.A.T. city: a look back, a look ahead, Workshop created and written by Richard D. Lavoie; executive producers Niki Vettel and Dennis Allen, Publication Info: Alexandria, VA: PBS Video, ©2005.

How difficult can this be?: understanding learning disabilities; the F.A.T. city workshop, Produced and directed by Peter Rosen; workshop designed and presented by Richard D. Lavoie; produced for Eagle Hill School Outreach by Peter Rosen Productions, Inc., Publication Info: Alexandria, VA: PBS DVD Video, ©1989.

School, Episode 1. The common school, 1770-1890: the story of American Public Education

School, Episode 2. As American as public school, 1900-1950: the story of American Public Education

School, Episode 3. A struggle for educational equality, 1950-1980: the story of American Public Education

School, Episode 4. The bottom line in education, 1980 to the present

Public Education: Who Are the Corporate Reformers?

Public Schools for Sale?


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