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EDBE 3480: Bilingualism/Multiculturalism for English Language Learning: Issues and Perspectives: Suggested Children's Books

Useful library information for EDBE 3480, Bilingualism/Multiculturalism for English Language Learning: Issues and Perspectives, Dr. Daniel Heiman, Tetyana Kucher, Dr. Lois Knezek, Annie Squire, Gwynne Ponce

Multicultural Children's Book Suggestions

Argueta, J. A movie in my pillow/Una pelicula en mi almohada
Argueta, J. Alfredito flies home
Argueta, J. Xochitl and the flowers/Xochitl, la nina de las flores
Arnett, R. & Turakhia, S. Finders Keepers? A bus trip in India.
Badoe, A. Nana's cold days
Barasch, L. Hiromi's hands
Bunting, E. Going home
Cheng, A. Grandfather counts
Cheng, A. Shanghai messenger
de Arias, P. Marwan's Journey
de la Pena & Robinson, C. Last stop on Market Street
Diaz, J. Islandborn
Elya, S. M. Home at last
Farish, T. Joseph's big ride
Fox, M. & Staub, L. Whoever you are
Frazier, S. T. Brendan Buckley's Universe and Everything
Frederick, M. Kamal goes to Trinidad
Gainer, C. & Sakamoto, M. I'm like you, you're like me
Guerra, J. The little doctor
Harrison, V. Little leaders: Bold women in black history
Hohn, N. L. Malaika's costume
Johnson, A. The aunt in our house
Kandel, B. Trevor's story
Kates, Bobbi & Mathieu, J. We're different, we're the same
Lacapa, K. & Lacapa M. Less than half, more than whole
Lainez, R. C. From North to South/De norte al sur
Lee, M. Landed
Levine, E. I hate English
Marley, C. One love
McDonals, J. Off-color
Morales, Y. Dreamers
Munsch, R. From far away
Rattigan, J. K. Dumpling soup
Recorvits, H. My name is Yoon
Ringgold, F. Bonjour, Lonnie
Savageau. C. Muskrat will be swimming
Schimel, L. Let's go see Papa
Shin, S. Y. Cooper's lesson
Tarpley, N. A. & Lewis, E. B. I love my hair
Thong, R. & Parra, J. Round is a tortilla: A book of shapes
Torres, L. Liliana's grandmothers
Williams, M. Brothers in hope
Wing, N. Jalapñeo bagels
Wolf, B. Coming to America: A Muslim family's story

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