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EDSE 5320: Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teachers of Geometry: Required Readings

Useful library information for EDSE 5320, Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teachers of Geometry, Dr. Sarah Pratt

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Required Readings for EDSE 5320

NCTM (2000) Standards: Geometry Each section titled "Geometry" in Chapters 3-7 from National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (2000). Principles and standards for school mathematics. NCTM: Reston, VA.
Principles and Standards for School Mathematics -
The mathematical understanding, knowledge, and skills that students should acquire from Pre-K through grade 12.

TEKS (2012) Texas Education Agency. (2012). Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Chapter 111.41: Geometry. 

Fuys et al (1988) Fuys, D., Geddes, D., & Tischler, R. (1988). The van Hiele model of thinking in geometry among adolescents. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. Monograph, i-196.
Wong & Bukalov (2013) Wong, B., & Bukalov, L. (2013). Improving Student Reasoning in Geometry. Mathematics Teacher, 107(1), 54-60.
Eddy et al (2012) Eddy, C., Hughes, K., Kieftenbeld, V., & Hayata, C. (2012). Quadrilaterals: Transformations for Developing Student Thinking. Illinois Mathematics Teacher, 61(1), 36-47.
Bucher et al (20111) Bucher, C. J., Edwards, M. T., Colligan, J. K., Kalman, D., Stallings, V., & Wanko, J. J. (2011). Deepening understanding of transformation through proof. Mathematics Teacher, 104(9), 716-722.
Faulkenberry & Faulkenberry (2010)    Faulkenberry, E. D., & Faulkenberry, T. J. (2010). Transforming the way we teach function transformations. Mathematics Teacher, 104(1), pp. 29-33.
Silver et al (1996) Silver, E. A., Mamona-Downs, J., Leung, S. S., & Kenney, P. A. (1996). Posing mathematical problems: An exploratory study. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 27(3),pp. 293-309.
Contreras (2014) Contreras, J. (2014). Where is the treasure? Ask interactive geometry software! Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College, 5(1), pp. 35-40.
Weiss & Moore-Russo (2012) Weiss, M. K., & Moore-Russo, D. (2012). Thinking like a mathematician. Mathematics Teacher, 106(4), 269-273.

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