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KINE 5140: Women, Leisure, and Sport: Required Readings

useful library information for KINE 5140 and KINE 4980, Karen Weiller-Abels, Ph.D.

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Required Readings for KINE 5140

I.    TOPIC: Understanding the Past
A history of women in sport prior to Title IX 

Aronson, S.H. (1952).  The sociology of the bicycle. Social Forces, 30, 305-312.

Weiller, K. H. & Higgs, C. T.  (1994) The All American girls professional baseball league, 1943-1954: Gender conflict in sport? Sociology of Sport Journal, 11,  289-297.

II.    TOPIC: “Her” stories in sport and Socialization into Society and Sport
Bearak,, B. 2012. Women finally get their chance to be contenders in Olympic boxing.  New York Times.  

Cooky, C. & Dworkin, S.L. (2013). Policing the boundaries of sex: A critical examination of gender verification and the Caster Semenya controversy.  Journal of Sex Research, 50: 2, 103-111.

Cooky, C., Dycus, R., & Dworkin, S.L. (2013).  “What makes a woman a woman?” versus “Our first lady of sport:” A comparative analysis of the United States and the South African media coverage of Caster Semenya.   Sport  & Social Issues,  37: 1, 31-56.

Schmalz, D.L. & Kerstetter, D. L. (2006). Girlie girls and manly men: Children’s stigma consciousness of gender in sports and physical activities. Journal of Leisure Research, 38:4, 536-557.

III.    TOPIC: Feminist Theories
Dorey-Stein, C. (2015). A brief history: The three waves of feminism.

Rampton, M. (2015).  Four waves of feminism: Center for Gender Equity. Pacifica University.

Birrell, S. 2000. Feminist theories for sport.  In Handbook of sports studies ed.  J. Coakley and E. Dunning, 61-75. London Sage.

Wade, L. (2015) Where do the negative stereotypes about feminists come from?  Society Pages. December, 2015. 

IV.    TOPIC: Women’s Experiences of Leisure and Sport
Henderson, K.A & Gibson, H.J. (2013). An integrative review of women, gender, and leisure: Increasing complexities. Journal of Leisure Research, 45, 115-135.

Mackay Yarnal, C. G., & Kerstetter, D. L. (2008).“I did not have time to play growing up… so this is my play time. It’s the best thing I have ever done for myself”: What is play to older women? Leisure Sciences, 30, 235-252. 

V.    TOPIC: Title IX
Acosta, R. V. & Carpenter, L.J. (2012). Women in intercollegiate sport: A longitudinal, national study. Thirty-five year update.  1977-2012. Executive Summary.  Project funded by Smith College’s Project on Women and Social Change.
Read the Executive Summary.

Title IX: Equity in School Athletics (AAUW website)

Tucker Center –The decline of women coaches in intercollegiate athletics. A report on select NCAA Div I FBS institutions.  2012-2013.

VI.    TOPIC: Negotiating Masculinity and Femininity
Carter, C. (2011). Sex/gender and the media: From sex roles to social construction and beyond.  In Ross, K. (ed)., The Handbook of Gender, Sex and Media, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.  365-382.

Krane, V. (2001). We can be athletic and feminine, but do we want to? Challenging hegemonic femininity in women’s sport. Quest, 53:1 115-133.

Krane, V., Choi, P., Baird, S.M., Aimar, C.M., & Kauer, K. J. (2004). Living the paradox: Female athletes negotiate femininity and muscularity. Sex Roles, 50:5, 315-329.

Otani, A. For women, athletic ability could determine corporate advance.  Bloomberg Business Weekly.  (2014). 

Orr, C. (2015). NFL makes Sarah Thomas first full time female official. Around the NF.  April. 

Buzinski,J. (2015).  NFL’s first female referee makes correct last-play call on Monday Night Football. October 12.  

VII.    TOPIC: Media
Messner, M.A. & Cooky, C. (2010). Gender in televised sports: News and highlights shows, 1989-2009.

Grossman, S. (2015). Here are all the sexist ways the media portrayed both men and women in 2014.  

VIII.    TOPIC: Diversity: Sexuality, Race, and Ability

(Sexual Orientation and Transgender)
McPhate, C. (2016). Denton county GOP sheriff candidate Tracy Murphree calls for violence against transgender people needing to pee. Dallas Observer.  April 22. 

Parker, K. Caitlyn Jenner’s Coming Out:  Opinion Writer, Washington Post.  June, 2015.

Sartore, M.L. & Cunninham, G.B. (2009). The lesbian stigma in the sport context: Implications for women of every sexual orientation. Quest, 61,289-305.

Playing in the closet: Homophobia in Sports.  Women’s Sports Foundation website. 

Rhoden, W.C. (2012). Black and white women far from equal under Title IX. NY Times. 

Hardin, M. (2007). “I consider myself an empowered woman”: The interaction of sport, gender and disability in the lives of wheelchair basketball players.  Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, 16,  39-52.

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