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KINE 5140: Women, Leisure, and Sport: Required Readings

useful library information for KINE 5140 and KINE 4980, Karen Weiller-Abels, Ph.D.

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Required Readings for KINE 5140

I.    TOPIC: Understanding the past and recognizing YOUR past/”Her” stories and socialization

Aronson, S. H. (1952).  The sociology of the bicycle. Social Forces. 30, 305-312.

A history of women in sport prior to Title IX 

Greendorfer, S.L. & Ewing, M.E. (2013). Race and gender differences in children’s socialization into sport. Research Quarterly for Exercise and   Sport. 52(3). 301-310. 

Park, R.J., & Hult, J.S. (1993). Women as leaders in physical education and school-based sports, 1865 to the 1930s. The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 64(3), 35-40.

Vertinsky, P.A. (1994). Gender relations: Women’s history and sport history: A decade of changing inquiry, 1983-1993. Journal of Sport History, 21(1) 1-24.

Weiller, K. H. & Higgs, C. T.  (1994) The All American girls professional baseball league, 1943-1954: Gender conflict in sport? Sociology of Sport Journal, 11,  289-297.


II.    TOPIC: Negotiating Masculinity and Femininity 

Bearak,, B. 2012. Women finally get their chance to be contenders in Olympic boxing.  New York Times.  

Cooky, C., Dycus, R., & Dworkin, S.L. (2013).  “What makes a woman a woman?” versus “Our first lady of sport:” A comparative analysis of the United States and the South African media coverage of Caster Semenya.   Sport  & Social Issues,  37: 1, 31-56.

Schmalz, D.L. & Kerstetter, D. L. (2006). Girlie girls and manly men: Children’s stigma consciousness of gender in sports and physical activities. Journal of Leisure Research, 38:4, 536-557.

III.    TOPIC: Hegemonic masculinity, Feminist theories

Bowell, T. (2011). Feminist standpoint theory. In J. Feiser & B. Dowden (Eds). Internet encyclopedia of philosophy.

Cavanaugh, L.V. (2018). A brief history: The four waves of feminism. Progressive Women’s Leadership. 

Cavanaugh, L.V. (2018) What exactly is the fourth wave of feminism and what does it mean for women of today? Progressive Women’s Leadership.  

Garrison, E.K. (2010). U.S. Feminism – Grrrl style: Youth (sub)cultures and the technologies of the third wave. In N. Hewitt (Ed). No Permanent Waves (pp. 379-402). New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press.

Rampton, M. (2015).  Four waves of feminism: Center for Gender Equity. Pacifica University.

Waldron, J. L. (2019). Four perspectives for understanding LGBTIQ people in sport. In Sex, Gender and Sexuality in Sport: Queer Inquiries. V. Krane (Ed.). 15-32. New York:  Routledge.



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