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UCRS 2100: Career Development

Librarian guest session on October 15 for Instructor Kristin Ringe

About this guide

Welcome students!

  • Intro has my contact info, an overview & 30 sec video
  • Books on Careers
  • Websites and Government Sources
  • HELP (Subject Librarians & Ask Us)

See also UNT's resources for new UNT students page

Quick Links


Willis Library (w/Music & Special Collections)

Eagle Commons

Media Library

Discovery Park

- >  Locations & Hours


- created by your Subject Librarians

Research page has an overview 

Willis 24 hour commons

  - Laptops &  Library Printing page

(for credit see UNT printing page)

- See UNT printing info

Off campus (EUID & Password needed)

Electronic Resources Tips & Tricks

Use Interlibrary Loan ILLiad account for non-UNT items

Course Reserves (Your instructor may have put textbooks or other items for use here)

Library Services and Spaces (2017 for FYE)

Additional Links