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Strengths (Guide for OTP)

Guide created for the Office of Orientation & Transition Programs (OTP) for Strengths Week for Freshman

About this guide

Welcome! Guide table of contents:

Clifton Strengths Talent Themes Defined

A Talent Theme is a natural way of thinking, feeling, or behaving that can be productively applied. The Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment has identified 34 themes of talent. Learn more about each of the talent themes using this link: 34 Clifton Strengths Talent Themes

Strengths at UNT

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StrengthsQuest: Discover Your Top 5 Talents

StrengthsQuest™ is a program created by the Gallup Organization, which focuses on developing strengths rather than fixing weaknesses. By developing their strengths people can achieve higher levels of academic, personal, and professional success. The StrengthsQuest™ assessment assesses and ranks your themes of talent and gives you a report of your top 5 talent themes.

UNT is committed to helping our students discover and develop their talent themes. We provide access to the assessment and StrengthsQuest™ workshops through the UNT Orientation and Transition Programs office.
If you need additional information or have questions about the assessment or would like to request a workshop, please contact us.

Aundrea Caraway The University Union, Suite 377  940.891.6770

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