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SOCI 4260: Intersectionality

Library course guide for Dr. Buddy Scarborough

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Slides from Jake and Ana

Jake and Ana's library presentation slides from 2/19/20 

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Newspaper How-to Videos for Help with Browsing and Navigation:
"The Texas Digital Newspaper Program is proud to present three new video demos to help you with initial searching and browsing within newspapers. The words in each of these videos is captioned with text for easier access."
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"Searching: Choosing an Approach

The method you use for searching will depend on your own search style and preferences.

If you like to start with a more general search and then filter your results to get to specifics, use Basic Search or Guided Search. By default, these methods search simultaneously within the descriptive item records and, when available, the full text of items.

If you prefer to target your search with as much precision as possible, use Advanced Search or Proximity Search. You will still be able to filter your results. In these methods, you can target your search to specific parts of the descriptive item records, and/or to the full text of items.


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