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Guide to Psychology resources at the UNT Libraries

Research Tips

Scholarly journal articles are those that are typically:

  • Peer-reviewed by experts in the field.
  • Published in reputable journals from scholarly or professional societies, university or academic presses, or other research organizations (such as government or nonprofit agencies).
  • Indexed in one or more research databases that focus on particular subject areas.

Other types of articles may appear in trade publications, popular magazines, newspapers, online scholarly blogs, or digital research commons. Most of these are not peer-reviewed, but may contain useful information or citations. Some of the databases below include these types of publications, but results can be filtered to identify peer-reviewed publications only.

"Primary sources" refers to the original source material that you are studying, which may include observations, data, experimental results, interviews, narratives, case studies, or other original research materials.  Primary source materials may include quantitative or qualitative data, and may be derived from clinical, experimental, or field research.

Most journal articles and book chapters are "secondary sources" that offer analysis, interpretation, or critical responses to the original object of study, including those primary sources of data and observation. They are meant to synthesize, organize, and explain the information found in primary sources.

An "empirical" study is one that is based on the original creation or gathering of data & evidence, and a subsequent analysis & interpretation of that material. It generally precedes those studies that summarize, synthesize, or organize previous research into a broader analysis.

A "literature review" is an article that summarizes a number of other secondary sources and provides an overview of research on a subject. Many empirical studies include a brief literature review, but longer reviews are often published as a separate article or book chapter. In a database search, you can specify "literature review" in your search terms to identify these articles (see pdf link below for an example)."

See also the UNT Libraries Literature Review Process guide for more information on conducting scientific literature reviews. 

A "systematic review" is a more extensive, structured analysis of a large body of scientific literature on a particular topic. It should include a comprehensive, replicable, and fully-documented search methodology that aims to identify all of the relevant literature on the topic, organize it, and evaluate it according to the researcher's established criteria.
This article from Clarivate Analytic's Web of Science offers an overview of systematic reviews and tips on how to structure them. The University of Michigan Library also has an extensive guide to conducing systematic reviews, including a helpful graphic that illustrates the process. The University of Sidney Library has another guide that includes an estimated timeline for each phase of the review.

Links to additional resources:

Psychology Databases

Use these databases to find indexed journal articles from thousands of journals across multiple disciplines. Hover over the info button for details on their contents.

Some include the full text of the articles (use the "Find Full Text" button within each database), while others include only bibliographic information and abstracts.  For the latter, you can check UNT's journal holdings (see "Journals" box below) to see if we have print or electronic full-text versions of those journals available.

Articles in journals not held by UNT or not available in full-text format may be requested in electronic form through Interlibrary Loan


Psychology Journals at UNT

These are journals related to Psychology that are available through the UNT Libraries. 

Electronic journals held by UNT, including current holdings by database. These are full-text journals, in most cases, though some may have "embargoed" content (usually the last 6-18 months) that is only available by individual subscription.

Print journals may be located in a variety of locations

  • Willis Library - current journals and bound volumes located on the 3rd Floor (front left from elevator)
  • Sycamore Library (Sycamore Hall)
  • Remote Storage (Libraries Annex) - Journals published before 1980.  For retrieval click on the request button in the catalog.  Five volumes at a time may be requested. These materials are generally available 24 hours later (weekdays only) at the circulation desk of the appropriate library.
  • Reserves Desk-Certain journals will at times be located at the Reserves Desk of the Libraries.
  • Media Library at Chilton Hall- videos and related media items.

Always check the catalog record for location and availability. All journals  are shelved in alphabetical order. If you have any problems contact the nearest Service Desk for assistance.

Additional Links