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PHIL 3500: Christianity & Philosophy: Miscellaneous Tools

Christianity & Philosophy class page | Course description: Philosophical study of Christianity from its origins to the present, including Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, and Protestantism.

Tracking Research with RefWorks

RefWorks is a tool that allows you to create a database of citations for academic and personal use.

RefWorks allows you to add references from databases, the UNT library catalog, websites and more. Then you can generate reference lists for your papers and projects in the citation style of your choice.

Visit the RefWorks guide to create your account and start adding references to your own database.

Citation Style

A standardized way to cite sources is called a style. There are numerous styles. For philosophy and the humanities, there are two styles that writers frequently use: MLA and APA. MLA style is the standard of the Modern Language Association. APA style is the standard of the American Psychiatric Association.

Either style is acceptable for philosophy essays, but MLA style is more common. Once you have selected a style, you must use that style consistently throughout your essay.

The UNT Libraries has a page devoted entirely to citations & style guides that provides links to citation generators and research management tools.

There are many online sites that provide guidance on the use of styles. Two of the best are The Purdue Online Writing Lab and EasyBib.

Writing Tips

The Citations and Style Guides page provides links to online help with writing assignments.

UNT Department of Technical Communication offers a Writing Lab to help students with their projects.

Read the book Writing philosophy: a student's guide to writing philosophy essays to understand what makes a good essay. 

See the guide for PHIL 1050 for pointers on how to conduct scholarly research and then to write up the results in an academic voice.

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