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MC: Multicultural Center & Resources

This guide promotes the Multicultural Center, related resources and national heritage months. This guide is created/maintained by the Sociology Librarian,

UNT- Denton land acknowledgment:
"UNT was built on wichita, caddo, Kickapoo, Tawakoni, Waco and Keechi land." (Source: UNT NASA "Land" page)

November is Native American Heritage Month (NAHM)
--sometimes referred to as American Indian Heritage Month

This month recognizes the accomplishments of the peoples who were the original inhabitants, explorers and settlers of the United States. NAHM celebrates the cultures, traditions, and histories and acknowledges the important contributions of Native people. Suggestions? Email me, the UNT Sociology Librarian, at

- UNT sources on Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity on Native American/indigenous IED page

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Sacred Objects and Sacred Places (2000) by Andrew Gulliford Combines native oral histories, photographs, drawings and case studies to present current issues of cultural preservation vital to American Indians, Alaska natives, and Native Hawaiians, such as the repatriation of human remains, the curation and exhibition of sacred masks and medicine bundles, and protecting sacred places on private, state, and public land.
Call Number: E-Book online single use/ also in print Willis Library 3rd Floor E98.M34 G85 2000

Traditions of the Osage: stories collected and translated by Francis la Flesche (2010) by Garrick Bailey The forty-nine traditional Osage narratives presented here, collected in Oklahoma between 1910 and 1923 for the Bureau of American Ethnology, have never before been assembled in one book. What makes these stories especially important is that they were collected in their original language, Osage, by a scholar who was a native speaker of a mutually intelligible language, Omaha, and who was also highly educated and articulate in English. As contextualized in Garrick Bailey's introduction, these stories offer insights into Osage culture and society that are not available elsewhere. Bailey divides the stories into sacred teachings, folk stories, and animal stories. To the Osage, the sacred included not only religious but also what we would consider social and political institutions. Unlike the sacred teachings, which were known only to priests, folk tales were public property. Sacred teachings were always educational, whereas folk stories served a variety of purposes. Some were entertaining, some humorous, some frightening, but all were also designed to instill the proper social norms and values of the Osage. The animal stories, intended for children, also illustrate Osage values, as well as conveying information about the animals themselves.

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Publication Date: E-book online - single user

The Indianization of Lewis and Clark by William R. Swagerty
E-book | Publication Date: 2012-01-01

The Language Loss of the Indigenous (2016 This volume traces the theme of the loss of language and culture in numerous post-colonial contexts. It establishes that the aphasia imposed on the indigenous is but a visible symptom of a deeper malaise -- the mismatch between the symbiotic relation nurtured by the indigenous with their environment and the idea of development put before them as their future. The essays here show how the cultures and the imaginative expressions of indigenous communities all over the world are undergoing a phase of rapid depletion. They unravel the indifference of market forces to diversity and that of the states, unwilling to protect and safeguard these marginalized communities. This book will be useful to scholars and researchers of cultural and literary studies, linguistics, sociology and social anthropology, as well as tribal and indigenous studies.D
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October 15, 2019 was the is the Indigenous People's Day Celebration at UNT (official notice by President Smatresk (10/8/19)

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