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Library Council on Diversity and Inclusion

This guides serves to provide resources for the UNT Library's Council on Diversity and Inclusion (LCDI).

September 2021

The first 2021-2022 LCDI Council meet Monday, September 27, 2021.

  • Introduction of new and returning members
  • Returning Co-Chair, Marcia, provided a Brief overview of 2020-2021 council activities
  • Officers volunteered and were confirmed. The new officers are:
    • New Co-Chair: Yvonne Dooley
    • Secretary: Emily Akers
  • Results from the Student Survey were reported on by Sarah Lynn
  • Results from LCDI’s Libraries Rating Results and Outcomes Brainstorm were discussed
  • Brainstorming and status up dates were give for activities and events for the 2021-2022 year
  • Members selected subgroups for the year:
    • Hiring – Sian, Emily, Laurel, Angela, Steven, Shaureece
    • Environment – Steven, Joshua, Yvonne, Angela
    • Communication - Yvonne, Megan, Marcia, Kevin
  • EDI Conference Session
    • Laurel described proposing at DEI session from different library divisions for the March 23, 2022 UNT DEI Conference
    • A subgroup was established to work on it: Laurel, Stacey Wolf, Kevin, Joshua, & Yvonne
  • D&I Initiatives 2020 Document will be ready for review in the next week
  • The schedule for new year’s meetings will be Mondays 2-3:30 pm if possible.

June 2021

June 28, 2021

The Library Council for Diversity & Inclusion (LCDI) met on Monday, June 28, 2021. Here are updates about what was discussed. 

  • New member applications results 
    • The following people will be joining LCDI for the 2021-22 service year: Yvonne Dooley, Angela Whitfield, Kevin Yanowski, Emily Akers. 
    • Special thanks to the departing members of the inaugural LCDI: Brea Henson, Darin Castillo, Kelly Evans, Lilly Ramin, Sarah Lynn Fisher. 
  • Guideline on how to create your own land acknowledgement coming soon. 
  • We will soon have an LCDI LibGuide space where we will host information for the UNT community on current issues related to diversity and inclusion. 
  • Please join us for a discussion of the documentary Emoji Story.  
    • Step 1: watch the film on your own in advance via the library’s Kanopy subscription
    • Step 2: Join us on Zoom on Thursday July 15th from 12:00 noon – 1:00 PM to discuss (invitation coming soon). 
  • We will soon publish a checklist to ensure our events and meetings adhere to accessibility and inclusion best practices. Examples: pronoun sharing, land acknowledgements, etc. 
  • Staff hiring diversity guide is live! 
  • Coming soon: plans for library-specific diversity & inclusion training.  
  • Discussed how to celebrate, promote, or otherwise mark special holidays and months like Juneteenth, Pride Month, etc. If you have ideas, please send them to or  
  • Upcoming discussion sessions planned for Fall (all are welcome): 
    • Whiteness in libraries 
    • Neutrality in libraries


May 2021

The Library Council on Diversity & Inclusion met on Monday, May 24, 2021. Here’s what we discussed:

  • The Library Council for Diversity & Inclusion now has its own webpage.
  • A list of library resources to help patrons understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be posted by next Tuesday.
  • Soon, we will also post a guide to creating your own land acknowledgement.
  • We are doing research on successful methods to improve library culture and environment. We determined three approaches:
    • Programming
    • Team building mixers
    • DEI trainings

Stay tuned!

  • Thank you for attending the DEI hiring town hall held on Zoom a couple of weeks ago. Based on your responses, we are:
    • Creating documentation, training, and assistance for staff and faculty hiring best practices.
    • Developing a list of DEI-trained representatives available to serve on search committees.
    • Creating standardized onboarding procedures with DEI in mind.
  • We are also thinking of ways to better help student workers
    • Developing programming to further support student workers.
    • Exploring ways of collecting feedback from student workers about needs.
  • Please consider applying to serve on the Library Council on Diversity & Inclusion next year! Applications are due by close of business Tuesday June 1st.

April 2021

April 26, 2021

The Library Council on Diversity & Inclusion met on Monday (1/26). Here is what we are working on and what we will do next. 

  • Co-Hosting Improving Diversity & Inclusion in the Libraries’ Hiring Processes Meeting May 13th. Employees can submit questions anonymously through Qualtrics by May 3rd.  
  • LCDI web presence is now live on the library website (Thanks Will!):  
  • The call for LCDI new members for the 2021-2022 year will go out in mid-May. 
  • The council will be finishing up Action Plan items around the themes of Hiring, Environment, and Communication. 
  • Congratulations to the Libraries’ Inclusion Equity, and Community Building (IECB) Graduates!  
    • Darin Castillo, Kelly Evans, Sarah Lynn Fisher, Brea Henson, Joshua Sylve, and Stacey Wolf 
    • Registration deadline for Summer 2021 IECB Cohort is May 21st.  
    • More information available: 

If you have questions about LCDI, please contact the LCDI Leadership Team: 


March 2021

March 2, 2021


  • What’s the Diversity Council’s relationship with Library Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Interest Group (IG)? 
  • The Diversity Council does not replace the IG; we are highly supportive of the IG! 
  • What’s the difference in scope? The Council has a tighter focus and greater powers of communication with LDC. 
  • How can you apply to be on the Council next year? 
  • Applications will open in May. 

What are we working on? 

  • The Council and LDC will soon host a town hall meeting. Planning is underway—stay tuned. 
  • We will soon have a web presence on the library website. 
  • We are working to create a succinct action plan. 


January 2021

January 29, 2021

The Library Council on Diversity & Inclusion met on Tuesday (1/26). Here is what we are working on and what we will do next.  

  • We passed the new LCDI Constitution (see attached). 
  • We will soon begin planning a library-wide meeting along with LDC, in order to share more about LCDI’s progress and host a discussion about equitable hiring practices. 
  • LCDI are reviewing and compiling the results of the library wide diversity & inclusion survey. Stay tuned for further news on this. We hope to soon share a list of priorities based on the data. 
  • Hiring practices within the library, including reducing bias and recruiting more diverse candidate pools, are a top concern and will be one of the high-priority focuses this year. 

If you have questions about LCDI, please contact co-chairs Marcia McIntosh and Joshua Sylve


November 2020

November 16, 2020

The Library Council on Diversity & Inclusion met on Monday. Here is what we are working on and what we will do next. Please let Marcia, Joshua, or Laurel know if you have concerns, questions, or suggestions! 

  • LCDI Constitution  
    • We are drafting a governing Constitution for the Council. 
    • The Constitution will outline the Council’s scope, values, prohibitions, and governing rules. 
    • Next steps: once the Council finalizes the Constitution, it will be submitted to LDC for review. 
  • Conversations about hiring, diversity, and fairness 
    • Diversity and fairness is a repeated concern that arises during many conversations in the library. Major concerns include ensuring a pipeline of diverse job candidates; appropriate language in job descriptions, how and when we post jobs; search committee composition, training, and procedures; etc. 
    • Library employees are concerned about these issues when considering hiring of faculty, staff, and students. 
    • The Council is developing a plan of action and will ask for further input and participation from Library employees. 
  • Library Diversity and Inclusion Culture Survey results 
    • The Council is reviewing preliminary, anonymized survey results, including trends and aggregated responses. We discussed how the Library should use the data. We will continue reviewing the suggestions and data as it is collated and coded. 
    • Potential Council actions include making recommendations for action to LDC and asking employees for additional suggestions and clarifications. 


October 2020

October 12, 2020

On October 12th the Library Council on Diversity & Inclusion (LCDI) held its inaugural meeting. We will be sharing brief updates about the LCDI’s activities and initiatives in Friday Frags and in a periodic special email to library employees.  

At the first meeting, we determined group roles, logistics, and discussed potential initiatives. 

  • Roles and responsibilities:  
    • 2 Co-Chairs (staggered terms of two years; first time one person will serve one year) 
    • Secretary 
  • Initial officers
    • Co-Chair #1 (one year)—Josh 
    • Co-Chair #2 (two years)—Marcia 
    • Secretary—Laurel  
  • Membership cycle 
    • The “year” is the fiscal/academic year 
    • Call for participation or applications: early summer 
    • Commitment for the following year: mid-summer 
    • Initial meeting each year: late September or early October 
  • Communications 
    • Meet once per month 
    • Co-chairs will handle communication with LDC 
  • Develop a LCDI charter/constitution  
    • Office for Inclusion and Equity (OIE) will review and approve 
    • Will contain a values statement 
  • LCDI Priorities (in no particular order) 
    • Accountability 
    • Accessibility 
    • Hiring 
    • Inclusion 
    • Training  
    • Building relationships  
  • Up next: 
    • LCDI will review the data from the library’s internal Diversity and Inclusion Culture Survey 


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