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Library Council on Diversity and Inclusion

This guides serves to provide resources for the UNT Library's Council on Diversity and Inclusion (LCDI).

FY 2020 -2021 LCDI Action Plan Objectives


  • Review library demographic data for trends, opportunities, disparities, and anomalies. 
  • Establish methods and schedules for measuring and communicating demographic and hiring data.  
  • Produce instructions, guidelines, and supporting documents for conducting EDI focused searches for Faculty and leadership positions 
  • Implement regular Selection Committee training for all employees and anyone who serves on a search committee. 
  • Require diversity statements to be submitted by Library job candidates. 
  • Include accessibility considerations in interviews. 
  • Produce policies, procedures, and supporting documents for conducting EDI focused searches for staff positions. 


  • Research methods for how to change workplace culture.  
  • Establish methods for measuring action-based and values-based growth (unit, department, and individual employees) 
  • Create templates for (3-year) Action Plan Objectives with input from UNT Division of Institutional Equity & Diversity. 


  • Develop LCDI Web-Presence. 
  • Begin developing a Communications Plan for sharing regular and on-going library EDI data, actions, and outcomes.  
  • Develop public relations policy for local, national, and international events related to EDI. 
  • Research and develop plans spaces and processes for employees to address individual EDI concerns and experiences. 

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