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Library Council on Diversity and Inclusion

This guides serves to provide resources for the UNT Library's Council on Diversity and Inclusion (LCDI).

Welcome to Resources from the Library Council on Diversity and Inclusion (LCDI)

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The Library Council on Diversity and Inclusion or LCDI was established in 2020 to evaluate, foster, pursue, and assist in the pursuit of greater diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) with the library community at the University of North Texas. 

Feel free to look around. This guide will provide resources and information created by LCDI including:

  • Guides around
    • DEI Hiring recommendations
    • Indigenous Land Acknowledgements
  • Information on LCDI Initiatives
  • Topic-based resources
  • And Council meeting summaries

To see the current Council members, visit the LCDI webpage.

For more information on UNT diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility offerings, visit the other guides link to the left. 

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