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Government Information Connection: Elections Portal

Register to vote and find information on candidates for national, state, and local elections.

Texas Party Convention Information

Becoming politically active at the local and state level is easy and fun and it's something any voter can participate in! Participants in a party convention (at the precinct level or higher) set party policy platforms, set rules, and elect leaders. 

Visit the party's website to learn about upcoming event and popportunities.

** To participate in Green or Libertarian party conventions you may not vote in the Republican or Democrat primary

Local party precinct conventions

Why should I participate in a local party precinct convention?

  • It is the first step in the political convention process if you want participate as a delegate in the county, state, or national conventions
  • You can submit resolutions that may change and improve your political party’s platform
  • You see party business and the political process first hand, from the ground up
  • You have a chance to get to know your neighbors
  • If you go to the county, state, or national conventions, you get to meet and  interact with people running for office

Am I eligible to participate in a party precinct convention?

  • You need to be registered to vote in Denton County
  • You will need to vote in your party’s primary if you are a Democrat or Republican (see above for information regarding Green and Libertarian)

When and where will my precinct convention be held?

  • Use the Voter Lookup database by entering your name and date of birth in the search boxes (name must be entered exactly has you listed it on your voter registration card), then click the blue search button
  • You will need your precinct number, precinct conventions will take place at the Primary Election day voting location for your party listed in the MY ELECTIONS box below the Voter Information box
  • The Denton County Republican Primary Precincts and the Denton County Democrat Primary Precincts list will be on the next page depending on the link you selected.

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