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The Factory: Weaving


Try out one of our looms to create your own wearable projects. Use them in-space, or take one out on short-term loan. Kits contain multiple small parts, so please use responsibly. 

Mirrix Looms

Mirrix Looms - 12'' or 16''


Specs / Manuals / Info

  • Contents: Tapestry/Bead Loom 12'' or 16". Pre-made heddles, Shedding device and wood clips, Warp Coils (Top Springs), Warping Bar, Bottom Spring kit, No-warp-ends kit.
  • Info: Specifications / Manual /Instructions.
  • Replacement Costs: 12'', 16'', accessories.
  • Notes: Looms are available for short term loan or use in space.  Kits contain multiple small parts. 1 set of loom extenders are available that fits either loom.


beads on a loom
woven bead bracelets
purple beads on a loom
spools of thread on a loom

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