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The Factory: GoPro + Accessories

GoPro + Accessories

Working on a film project or going on an adventure? Capture every moment of the action with one of our GoPro cameras. We also offer a number of accessories for you to borrow and use to maximize the quality of your content. Loan periods are for 4 days.

Please use responsibly. You are responsible for the items checked out to you. High fines, rates, and replacement costs apply.


GoPro Hero4 Kit (3 Copies)

GoPro Hero4 Kit

Specs / Manuals / Info

Circulation Information

  • Catalog Record: Check Availability / Place a Hold
  • Fines Rate: $10 per day late 
  • Notes: Kit includes case, camera, housing, travel case, usb cable, 3 batteries, micro-SD card/adaptor. This camera is always in high demand. Plan accordingly. 


  • Battery life is short. Plan for frequent recharges during extended use.
  • Download the companion GoPro app for your mobile phone and test/learn how to connect/control the camera remotely before use in the field.
  • For most effective shots, borrow a mount too.
  • Make frequent backup of SD card data. Camera software crashes can corrupt files.

GoPro Accessories

We have roughly a dozen mounts and other accessories to use with our GoPro cameras. Ask at the Factory Desk at checkout time what's available, or reserve an item here. All mounts have numerous small parts to keep track of. Some replacement values are high if components are lost, broken, or not returned.

Gimbal Gimbal
Chest mount Chest Mount
music mount Music Mount


clamp/flex Clamp / Flex
side mount Side Mount
front mount Front Mount


remote Remote
suction cup mount Suction Cup Mount
sportsman mount Sportsman Mount


tripod mount Tripod Mount
38" Telesecope Pole 38" Telesecope Pole
filter kit FIlter Kit


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