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Early Start

A collborative guide for Early Start program (Woodard and Harris/SRI) from STEM & FYE Librarians for Willis Library tour and summer study space

This page has STEM related videos, podcasts and websites! Big thanks to Sarah Stanely & Gabby Milburn for contributions and feedback. 

Study Help

Sweeney, N. (Director). (2018). What is engineering?: crash course engineering #1 [Video file]. Retrieved 2020, from

Khan Academy


Computer Science

Winlock, T. (Performer). (2019). Wires, cables, and WIFI: internet 101, computer science. [Video file]. Retrieved 2020, from

Fun with STEM

Stevens, M. (Performer). (2017). Which way is down? [Video file]. Retrieved 2020, from

Hill, K. (Performer). (2015). Zelda timeline according to quantum mechanics. [Video file]. Retrieved 2020, from

Reich, H. (Performer). (2019). The portal paradox. [Video file]. Retrieved 2020, from

Giertz, S. (Performer). (2020). I built myself a proud parent machine. [Video file]. Retrieved 2020, from

We haven't had a chance to play all these, if you have a favorite (or least favorite) you can let us know . Links courtesy of Librarian Diane Robson:

Additional Links