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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Training and Suggested Resources. Links to Multicultural Center Guide. Created and maintained by Sociology Librarian, Lilly Ramin

Welcome. This Virtual Training page includes a snapshot of content hosted on the DI website for people using this Diversity & Inclusion Library Guide.  For updates, details and available training and registration options, please visit the official DI virtual training website.

About virtual training and tele-talks. Welcome from Diversity & Inclusion Direct, Shani Barrax Moore.


"Looking for some engaging professional development opportunities while working from home? Check out Diversity and Inclusion’s recommended webinars and Tele-Talks! These recommended webinars provide foundational concepts that serve as great primers for our in-person diversity and inclusion sessions. Access is available for UNT Denton through UNT Bridge and UNT-Dallas, HSC, and System Employees through UNT World Learning. Completion of these sessions will appear in each employee’s professional development portfolio."

For more info, go to the official DI virtual training website


"Diversity and Inclusion at the University of North Texas Denton campus provides a myriad of interactive training, learning, and development programs for faculty, staff, students, and administrators. The following resources – keynotes and talks from programs such as the UNT Equity and Diversity Conference and Unlikely Allies – serve not as a replacement for such engagement, but rather an enhancement to these services by providing additional awareness through recorded diversity and inclusion programming. These make great lunch-and-learns and dialogue starters; viewers are encouraged to engage with these videos both one-on-one and in collaborative groups. These videos can also be used as curricular and co-curricular resources for faculty and for employee and student engagement efforts. Descriptions and keywords, as well as speaker pronouns are offered for each. Should you wish to utilize these videos as part of a facilitated program or in discussion with a member of our staff, contact or request an in-person training."

For more info, go to the official DI virtual training website

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