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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Training and Suggested Resources. Links to Multicultural Center Guide. Created and maintained by Sociology Librarian, Lilly Ramin

Any items shared with me (Lilly) will be posted here. To learn about 2020 conference go to Equity & Diversity Conference page. Enjoy!

(UNT Equity and Diversity YouTube (Sellers) link - New Window)
Keynote Address Presented by Peterbilt - Journey to Excellence Bakari Sellers will take the audience on a journey. Reaching back to his past and first-person interaction with his father and Civil Rights icon Cleveland Sellers to his present-day hopes and struggles as he fights for the most marginalized people. The speech includes elements of education, inspiration, and transformation.


Social Justice Keynote Address Presented by Fidelity Investments: The Wisdom of Inclusion Understanding the imperativeness of deliberate and sustained structural change in higher education that inspires measurable inclusion, representation, justice and ultimately wisdom driven personal agency. (UNT Equity and Diversity YouTube (Muñoz) link - New Window)

Bakari Sellers | Private Conversation | 2020 Equity and Diversity Conference

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