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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Training and Suggested Resources. Links to Multicultural Center Guide. Created and maintained by Sociology Librarian, Lilly Ramin

Update: SSTF Is on hiatus/not active at this time.

Student Support Taskforce for Diversity and Inclusion With the goal of fostering a respectful community open to the diversity of ideas, thoughts, cultural perspectives and human identities. Student Support Task Force

  • Archived materials and reports may be added
  • The  First Year Experience Guide has campus support page of non-library resources for students
  • Lilly Ramin was the representative for UNT libraries and as well as part of the Student, Faculty and Staff subcommittee that polled students at various campus events on what they wish to see from faculty and staff in terms of support.
  • Read more IED division annual reports.

Campus partners and resources at UNT

Other UNT on-campus services and groups providing resources and programming (examples only):

UNT Bridge (Linked In/Online)

"UNT Bridge is an online learning management system where you can take eLearning or register for in-person courses to learn information about your job or for professional growth. UNT Bridge, which is available to all employees, consists of essential education that helps employees learn skills to foster a safe and inclusive workplace."

  • Navigating UNT Bridge (Log in required):
  • Diversity & Inclusion topics include: Microaggressions & Inclusive Language | Cultural Humility, Bias Awareness, & Socialization, Cultural Humility & Inclusion: Seeing Ourselves..., Cultural Humility 101 (Live Training 2 sessions), Understanding Diversity (Course: 22 minutes)|
  • See also: UNT Bridge: An Overview for Users (7 minutes), Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health First Aid Work

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