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EDBE 3480: Bilingualism/Multiculturalism for English Language Learning (spanish)

useful library information for EDBE 3480: Bilingualism/Multiculturalism for English Language Learning: Issues and Perspectives

Required Readings for EDBE 3480

Introductory Module

Hendricks, R. (2019, March 18). Speaking Spanish is a subversive act. Latino Rebels

Lovera, P. S. (2019, November 4). “Me lavaron la boca con jabón por hablar español en la escuela.” BBC Mundo, “¿Hablas Español?”

Mitchell, C. (2019, July 17). Do English-language learners get stigmatized by teachers? A study says yes. Education Week

Simon, Y. (2019, July 1). Julián Castro on why he doesn’t speak fluent Spanish. Remezcla. 

Simon, Y. (2019, September 6). AOC’s tweet about struggling with Spanish is super relatableRemezcla. 

Serrano, C. (2019, November 9). 90% español y 10% inglés: la visita de BBC Mundo a una escuela estadounidense donde nuestro idioma es la prioridad. BBC Mundo, “¿Hablas Español?” 

Mathewson, T. G. (2017, July 31). Rising popularity of dual-language education could leave Latinos behind. US News & World Report. 

Module 1

Flores, N. (2016, September 11). Do black lives matter in Bilingual Education? The Educational Linguist. (blog)

Lovera, P. S. (2019, November 18). Blaxicans: “Soy negra y mexicano-estadounidense y la gente cuesta descifrarme.BBC Mundo, “¿Hablas Español?” 

(2017, October 20). Jessi Silva and Maggie Marquez. Story Corps. 

Module 2

Jones, P. (2017, November 14). Unmasking the linguistic policing of Black and Brown children in today’s schools: A call to action. The Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools. (blog)

Button, L. (2019, February 19. How teachers are helping students affected by deportations. The Hechinger Report. 

Module 4

Mitchell, C. (2019, October 23). “English-only” laws in education on the verge of extinctionEducation Week.  

Module 5

Casas. A. (2019, November 18). “I’m Hispanic but can’t speak Spanish.” BBC Mundo, “¿Hablas Español?” (VIDEO)

(2019, October 19). The battle of 187, Part 1: They keep coming. Latino USA, NPR. (AUDIO)

(2019, October 29). The battle of 187, Part 2: Save our state. Latino USA, NPR. (AUDIO)

(2019, October 29). The battle of 187, Part 3: Thank you, Pete Wilson. Latino USA, NPR. (AUDIO)

Arellano, G. (2019, October 29). Prop. 187 forced a generation to put fear aside and fight. It transformed California, and me. Los Angeles Times

Moll, L. C., Amanto, C., Neff, D., & González, N. (1992). Funds of knowledge for teaching: Using a qualitative approach to connect homes and classrooms. Theory into Practice, 31(2), 132-141. 

Reserve Book Chapters 

call number: LC3715 .A27 2017
title: Abriendo Brecha
author: Edited by Michael D. Guerrero, María Consuelo Guerrero, Lucinda Soltero-González & Kathy Escamilla
chapter title: la claridad ideologica del maestro bilingue: un reto en la educacion bilingue de calidad
pages: 95-117

call number: PS3551.N95 B6 1999 c.2
title: Borderlands: La Frontera
author: Gloria Anzaldua
chapter title: how to tame a wild tongue
pages: 75-86

suggested reading

Heiman, Daniel and Luis Urrieta. "Educación bilingüe crítica." La traducción lingüística y cultural en los procesos educativos: hacia un vocabulario interdisciplinarXalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, Universidad Veracruzana, 2019. 




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