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COMM 4120: Communication and Sport


Searching OER Commons and Mason OER Metafinder

OER Commons: Search “Sports” or “Sports Communication”; limit by subject or level (“community college/lower division” or “college/upper division”); see sample items below.

Mason OER Metafinder: Searching “sports and communication”; sort by topics, document types, etc.; see sample items below.

(J. Martin, research material, December 18, 2019) 

Difference between UNT research material, Google and Yahoo

UNT searches a well-defined set of items with clear specifications while Google's and Yahoo's scope of coverage is not defined; so we are not searching identical data.  

UNT Research options:

  • We use controlled vocabulary searching to describe what a source is about. These types of searches on UNT Databases and Catalogs result in a concise search with many results. 

Google Scholar:

  • Easy place to begin a search and find possible items.
    • Can provide options for word usage in your searches.
    • Can suggest a scholarly database or journal to look into.
  • May find older items
  • Can be difficult to find article without a fee
  • May have gray literature which does not come from traditional educational publishers. 
    • Reports
    • Conference proceedings
    • Doctoral thesis/dissertations
    • Blogs,etc.

Google & Yahoo search engines:

  • Probably only the top results are pertinent to your search
  • Must evaluate all of the items to determine if they meet the quality of a peer reviewed/scholarly article

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