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UCRS 2100: Career Development

Librarian guest session on October 15 for Instructor Kristin Ringe

SUBJECT LIBRARIANS (about): Find a librarian for your subject or major



List of Subject Librarians

Quick List of Majors/Departments (rev Oct 2018)
Not listed? Ask Us your questions.

Anthropology (HPS) = Jennifer Rowe
Art Education & Art History (CVAD) = Rebecca Barham
(Kristin Farmer) Autism Center (COE)  = Jo Monahan
Behavior Analysis = (HPS) = Jennifer Rowe
Biology = Erin O'Toole
Business =  Yvonne Dooley
Chemistry = Erin O'Toole
Communication Studies=  
Carol Hargis
Community & Professional Programs (HPS) = Jennifer Rowe
Counseling & Higher Education (COE)  = Jo Monahan
Criminal Justice = Jennifer Rowe
Dance and Theatre= Rebecca Barham 
Design (CVAD)  = Rebecca Barham
Disability & Addiction Rehabilitation (HPS) = Jennifer Rowe
Yvonne Dooley
Educational Psychology (COE)  = Jo Monahan
Engineering =  Sue Parks  (as of Sept 1st: Diane Robson)
English = Carol Hargis
Geography =
AskUs / TBD
Gerontology (HPS) = Jennifer Rowe
Government Information & Legal Research = Robbie Sittel
History = Pamela Andrews

Honors: Seti Keshmiripour
Intensive English Language Institute (IELI): Kevin Hawkins
International Studies: Doug Campbell
Journalism (Mayborn School of)= Doug Campbell
Kinesiology, Health Promotion & Recreation (COE)  = Jo Monahan
Learning Technologies = Greg Hardin
Library & Info Sciences = Greg Hardin
Linguistics Program: John Martin
Mathematics = Erin O'Toole
Media Arts = Laura Treat
Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism  (College of) = AskUs / TBD)
Music = Mark McKnight &
Philosophy & Religious Studies =
Doug Campbell
Physics = Erin O'Toole
Psychology = John Martin
Public Administration (HPS) = Jennifer Rowe  
Social Work (HPS) = Jennifer Rowe 
Sociology= Lilly Ramin
Speech & Hearing Sciences (HPS) = Jennifer Rowe 
Studio Art (CVAD) = Rebecca Barham
Teacher Education & Administration (COE)  = Jo Monahan
Technical Communication =  John Martin

Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS): Mary Ann Venner
Women and Gender Studies: Robbie Sittel

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