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BCIS 2610 HONORS: Introduction to Computers in Business

This guide covers the basics for conducting business research.

How do I search for journal articles?

The absolute best way to search for journal articles is to use a journal article database. These are huge databases of journal articles in various disciplines. Computer Source is a journal article database that specifically focuses on the computer industry. Other journal article databases that focus on computers and computing are Computer and Information Systems Abstracts and INSPEC

Use the Databases link from the UNT Libraries home page to learn more about specific databases that are useful to you. Some databases have tutorials available. The most difficult part is finding the right database and getting the right keywords. If you don't find something in 15 minutes, switch to another database.

Where can I quickly search for articles in multiple databases?


Searches: Full-Text articles in "scholarly" journals, available online.

What tips are there for searching for articles?

  1. Use synonyms for words and alternate names for compounds
  2. Use truncation (finds alternate endings of words). Usually a *. Example butterfl* will find butterfly or butterflies
  3. Most databases do not search "natural language" so break the search into concepts. SciFinder will take natural language e.g. antibiotic residues in meat. Other databases will need to be searched using "antibiotic residues" (use the " " to search terms as a phrase) and meat.
  4. Most databases now provide ways of automatically refining your search. ISI products (Web of Science) have search suggestions and limits on the left hand side of the screen, while INSPEC lists these on the right side of the screen.

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