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ECON 4510: History of Economic Thought

Resources supporting the course, "ECON 4510: History of Economic Thought."

What is "pre-classical" economic thought?

...[M]aterial that has been considered by some to represent fragments of political, commercial and philosophical thought that preceded the development of systematic economics.

-- S. Todd Lowry, author of Pre-Classical Economic Thought: From the Greeks to the Scottish Enlightenment (1987)

What books does UNT Libraries have on this subject?

When looking for books in the library catalog, try using a name of an expert in the field or a combination of search terms similar to the examples below:

  • (Aristotle) AND (theory of value)
  • (The Scholastics)
  • Sir William Petty
  • Mercantilism
  • (Enlightenment economics)
  • (François Quesnay) AND (Physiocrats)
  • Thorstein Veblen

If you need help coming up with terms or combinations to search, ask us!

What databases can I search to find more articles on this subject?

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