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Congressional Publications: Committee Prints

Finding historical and current congressional information at the UNT Libraries and on the Internet.

Congressional Committee Prints

Congressional Committee Prints are publications issued by congressional committees on topics pertaining to their legislative or research activities or on other congressional matters, such as memorial tributes.

The prints are an excellent source of statistical and historical information and of legislative analyses. The subjects of committee prints vary greatly because of the different concerns and actions of each committee.

Some basic categories of congressional committee prints:

  • draft versions of reports and bills
  • directories
  • statistical materials
  • investigative reports
  • historical reports
  • situational studies
  • confidential staff reports
  • hearings
  • legislative analyses

The prints are generally viewed as internal background information publications and often are not announced for public distribution. Procedures for the printing and publication of these prints differ with each committee, and formats are inconsistent. A few prints have been allocated serial numbers, but most have not. The individual committee prints are not a part of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set, because those documents come from the Senate and the House of Representatives as a whole. The Senate has a numbering system for its committee prints  (e.g., "S. Prt. 108-3"), but the House does not.

Full Text Sources


ProQuest Congressional (earliest publications to current)
GovInfo (1975 to current)


Selected items (ca. 1950–current) in Remote Storage


(Ask at Service Desk for assistance with microfiche.)

GPO Microfiche (ca. 1983–current)

CIS Microfiche (1970–2001)

Finding Tools and Summaries


ProQuest Congressional 



CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Prints Index (1833–1969)
in Government Documents Abstracts & Indexes

CIS Annual (1970–2000)
in Government Documents Abstracts & Indexes

CIS Index (2001–2008)
in Government Documents Abstracts & Indexes

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