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EDHE 6510: History of Higher Education in the United States: Required Readings

Library resources for EDHE 6510, History of Higher Education in the United States, Dr. Uyen Tran-Parsons

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Required Readings for EDHE 6510

Eisenmann, L. (2002). Educating the Female Citizen in a Post-war World: competing ideologies for American women, 1945–1965. Educational Review, 54(2), 133-141.

Allen, R. B. Communists should not teach in American colleges

Delmont, M. (2014), Working Toward a Working-Class College: The Long Campaign to Build a Community College in Philadelphia. History of Education Quarterly, 54: 429–464. 

Allen, W. R. & Jewell, J. O. (2002). A Backward Glance Forward: Past, Present and Future Perspectives on Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The Review of Higher Education 25(3), 241-261. The Johns Hopkins University Press. 

Gasman, M. (2007). The Origins of the United Negro College Fund as the Cornerstone of Private Black Colleges. The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, (56), 86-89. 

MacDonald, V., Botti, J. M., & Clark, L. H. (2007). From visibility to autonomy: Latinos and higher education in the U.S., 1965-2005. Harvard Educational Review, 77(4), 474-504,528. 

Kimball, B. A. and Johnson, B. A. (2012), The Beginning of “Free Money” Ideology in American Universities: Charles W. Eliot at Harvard, 1869–1909. History of Education Quarterly, 52: 222–250. doi:10.1111/j.1748-5959.2011.00389.x

MacDonald, V.-M. and Hoffman, B. P. (2012), “Compromising La Causa?”: The Ford Foundation and Chicano Intellectual Nationalism in the Creation of Chicano History, 1963–1977. History of Education Quarterly, 52: 251–281. 

Cook, W. B. (1997). Fund raising and the college presidency in an era of uncertainty: From 1975 to the present. The Journal of Higher Education, 68(1), 53-86. 

Stripling, Jack. Board Battles - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Community college missions : a theoretical and historical perspective.
Author: Dougherty and Townsend.
The development of the new left.
Author: O'Brien, James P.

From republican motherhood to race suicide : arguments on the higher education of women in the United States, 1820-1920.
Author: Palmieri, Patricia A.
The hidden hand : external constituencies and their impact.
Author: Harcleroad and Eaton.
A history of American higher education / John R. Thelin.
Author: Thelin, John R., 1947-
Leading the university : the roles of trustees, presidents, and faculty.
Author: Legon, Lombardi, and Rhoades.
Reconsidering the community college 
Author: Hutcheson, Philo A.

Scylla and Charybdis : navigating the waters of academic freedom at Fisk University during Charles S. Johnson's Administration.
Author: Gasman, Marybeth.
Tenure : a conscientious objection 
Author: O'Toole, Park, Plante, Nisbet, and Van Waes.
"The two Joe's meet-Joe College, Joe Veteran" : the G.I. Bill, college education, and postwar American culture.
Author: Clark, Daniel A., History of Education Quarterly, Vol. 38, No. 2 (Summer, 1998), pp. 165-189.

Article Title: The ‘untameable savage spirit’: American Indians in Colonial colleges., Wright, B. (1991). Review of Higher Education, 14 (4), 429-52. 

Article Title: G. Stanley Hall and the Study of Higher Education, Goodchild, Lester F. (1996). Review of Higher Education, 20, 69-99. 

Article Title: Howard Thurman: The Making of a Morehouse Man, 1919-1923., Educational Foundations; Winter/Spring2006, Vol. 20 Issue 1/2, p105-122.

Article Title: The Talented Tenth, DuBois, W.E.B. (1903), 

Article Title: Obtaining Integrity? Reviewing and Examining the Charter between Higher Education and Society, Kezar, Adrianna. Review of Higher Education. Baltimore: Summer 2004. Vol. 27, Iss. 4; pg. 429-459.

Article Title: Higher Education for the Public Good., The National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good. (2003). Full text via the The National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good's website.

Article Title: The Mission of the University: Medieval to Postmodern Transformations., Scott, John C., (2006), Journal of Higher Education; Jan/Feb2006, Vol. 77 Issue 1, p1-39.

Article Title: Industrial Education for the Negro, Washington, Booker T., 1903, Full text from

Book Title: Myths and Tradeoffs: The Role of Tests in Undergraduate Admissions., Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education (CBASSE). (1999). This book is available via Ebooks on Ebscohost (UNT Libraries electronic resource).

Article Title: The role of standardized tests in college admissions: Test-Optional admissions., New Directions for Student Services; Summer2007 Issue 118, p55-70.

Article Title: Women’s Colleges in the Era of Gender Equity: A Review of the Literature on the Effects of Institutional Gender on Women, Harper, Betty J., (2006), Higher education in review, vol. 3, 1-23.

Article Title: Swept Under the Rug? A Historiography of Gender and Black Colleges, Gasman, Marybeth. (2007). Vol. 44, Iss. 4; pg. 760-805.

Article Title: "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child": The Role of Social Capital in Promoting Academic Success for African American Men at a Black College, Palmer, Robert. and Gasman, Marybeth. (2008). Journal of College Student Development 49, (1), 52-70.

Article Title: Hispanic-Serving Institutions: Myths and Realities., Laden, Berta Vigil, (2001), PJE. Peabody Journal of Education; 2001, Vol. 76 Issue 1, p73-92.

Article Title: Tribal Colleges: An Introduction., American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC). (1999). Full text via American Indian Higher Education Consortium's website.

Article Title: Leaks in the Chicana and Chicano Educational Pipeline. Latino Policy & Issues Brief. Number 13, Yosso, Tara J.; Solorzano, Daniel G., (2006). UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center.

Article Title: A Federal Agenda for Promoting Student Success and Degree Completion, Goldrick-Rab, Sara and Josipa Roksa, (2008), Full text via Center for American Progress website.

Article Title: Latino Access to College: Actualizing the Promise and Potential of K-16 Partnerships, Oliva, Maricela. (2008). Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, Vol. 7, No. 2, 119-130.

Article Title: Racial Differences in the Effects of Campus Racial Climate on Degree Completion: A Structural Equation Model, Museus, Samuel D., Nichols, Andrew H., and Lambert, Amber D., (2008). Review of Higher Education. vol. 32, (1), pp. 107-134.

Book: Douglass, John Aubrey. The Conditions for Admission : Access, Equity, and the Social Contract of Public Universities, Stanford University Press, 2007. 

Book: Lasser, C. (1987). Educating men and women together: Coeducation in a changing world. Urbana: Published by the University of Illinois Press in conjunction with Oberlin College. Chapter used is: From republican motherhood to race suicide : arguments on the higher education of women in the United States, 1820-1920. By Patricia Palmieri

Book: Kerr, C. (2001). The uses of the university. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press. Chapter 1 

Book: Geiger, R. L. (1993). Research and Relevant Knowledge: American Research Universities Since World War II. New York: Oxford University Press, USA.

Book: Brint, S. G. (2002). The Future of the City of Intellect : The Changing American University. Stanford, Calif: Stanford University Press. Chapter used: the rise of the practical arts – by Steven Brint

Rousmaniere, K. (2003). Historical research. In deMarrais, K., & Lapan, S. D. (Eds.), Foundations for research: Methods of inquiry in education and the social sciences (pp. 47-66). Routledge.

Bronson, W. C. (1783). A college’s laws and code of conduct. In Bronson, W. C., The history of Brown University, 1764-1914, (pp. 508-519). Providence, RI: Brown University. ( on reserve)

Thelin Chapter 1, “Colleges in the colonial era”  Wright, B. (1988). “For the children of the infidels”?: American Indian education in the colonial colleges. American Indian Culture and Research Journal, 12(3), 1-14. (Course Reserves)

Thelin Chapter 2, “Creating the ‘American way’ in higher education college building, 1785 to 1860”  Wilder, C. S. (2014). Ebony and ivy: Enslaved people on Campus. In Wilder, C. S., Ebony and ivy: Race, slavery, and the troubled history of America's universities (pp. 113-146). Bloomsbury Publishing USA. (Course Reserves)

Yale Report of 1828

Roebuck, J. B., & Murty, K. S. (1993). The history of black higher education in the United States. In Roebuck, J. B., & Murty, K. S., Historically Black colleges and universities: Their place in American higher education (p. 21-52). Praeger Publishers. (Course Reserves)

Berkeley in the sixties (streaming video)

O’Brien, J. P. (1971). The development of the new left. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 395(1), 15-25.


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