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BUSI 4940: Business Policy

This guide provides information and links to resources to help you complete assignments for the BUSI 4940: Business Policy capstone course.

What is the internal environment?

The internal environment are those aspects of a company that can help ensure its survival. This includes those elements that help to remove competitive disadvantages, identify and exploit competencies to achieve a competitive advantage, and/or promote the use of or development of competencies that might create a sustainable competitive advantage. Examples of these elements include the role of company leadership, the strength of employees, and possible interruptions to the organizations supply chain.

How do I find this information?

You can find information on the internal environment of an organization by looking for company information. These materials (sometimes called annual reports, company profiles or overviews) will discuss the internal environment overall and may also include some external environmental forces.

Identify the company ticker symbol, if company stocks are publicly traded, (e.g. KR for Kroger) that corresponds with your organization to make it easier when conducting your search. Many databases can be searched using a company's ticker symbol (only public companies have ticker symbols).

Where do I look for company information?

Look for company information in the following databases:

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