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International Studies: Thailand

While not tied to a specific degree program or course of study, this guide provides resources relevant to the studies of continents and specific regions of the world.

About Thailand


Officially the Kingdom of Thailand, Thailand occupies the middle of the Southeast Asia peninsula. It is bordered to the west/northwest by Myanmar, north and east by Laos, and south/southeast by Cambodia, the Gulf of Thailand, and Malaysia. The northern part of the country is occupied with mountains and forests, as well as  the Korat (Khorat) plateau. Peninsular Thailand is covered with mountains and jungles. This area is the principal source of the rubber and tin which enable Thailand to be a major producer of both. The climate of Thailand is tropical, with a season dominated by the monsoon

While 3/4 of the people are ethnically Thai, Thailand has a vast Chinese minority which account for almost 15% of the population. English is the dominant language. Theravada Buddhism is the state religion. Approximately 95% of the people in Thailand are Buddhist, while the remainder are mostly Muslim.

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