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EDEC 5470: Constructions of Guidance in Early Childhood Classrooms: Required Readings

Useful library information for EDEC 5470, Constructions of Guidance in Early Childhood Classrooms, Dr. April Larremore

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Required Readings for EDEC 5470

Required Texts
Fields, Marjorie V., Meritt, Patricia A., & Fields, Deborah M. (2014). Constructive Guidance and Discipline: Birth to Age Eight (seventh edition). Pearson, Inc.: Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Marion, Marian. (2015). Guidance of Young Children (ninth edition). Pearson, Inc.: Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. 

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Collet, Vicki. (2017). “I Can Do That!” Creating Classrooms That Foster Resilience. Young Children, 72(1), 23-31. 

Pawlina, Shelby, & Stanford, Christie. (2011). Shifting Mindsets for Greater Resiliency and Better Problem Solving. Young Children, 66(5), 30-35. 

Lacina, Jan, Bauml, Michelle, & Taylor, Elizabeth R. (2016). Promoting Resilience Through Read-Alouds. Young Children, 71(2), 16-21.

Florez, Ida Rose. (2011). Developing Young Children’s Self-Regulation through Everyday Experiences. Young Children, 66(4), 46-51.

Cooper, Patricia M. (2007). Teaching Young Children Self-Regulation Through Children’s Books. Early Childhood Education Journal, 34(5), 315-322.

Reifel, Stuart. (2011). Observation and Early Childhood Teaching: Evolving Fundamentals. Young Children, 66(2), 62-65.

Foucault, Michael. (1995). Pages 170-177. Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison. New York, New York: Random House, Inc. 

Grieshaber, Susan, & Cannella, Gaile S. (2001). Ch. 6. Embracing Identities in Early Childhood Education: Diversity and Possibilities. New York, New York: Teachers College Press.

Blaise, Mindy. (2005). Ch. 2. Playing it Straight: Uncovering Gender Discourses in the Early Childhood Classroom. New York, New York: Routledge.

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