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BIOL 4900: Advanced Careers in Science, Fall 2016: Careers in Biological Sciences

Beyond the M.D.

Wildlife biologist holding a duck

A degree in the biological sciences can prepare you for a variety of careers. Don't get stuck in the doctor rut - explore this page to find out the possiblities open to you!

Don't forget that you can also explore life science career options at the Career Center in Chestnut Hall. 

Books about Life Science Careers

Video Interviews about Biology Careers

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)

This U.S. government resource from the Bureau of Labor Statistics describes hundreds of occupations, including What They Do, How to Become One, and Pay. Each occupational profile also provides employment projections for 2010-20. Below are some of the many occupations you can enter with a bachelor's degree or advanced degree in the biological sciences.

O*NET OnLine

A U.S. government website from the Department of Labor. Navigate to Find Occupations to browse numerous categories of jobs for which bachelor or graduate degrees in biological sciences can prepare you. Projected growth of occupations and median wages are listed. Just a few of the many options are listed below:

Subject Guide

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