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RefWorks - Legacy: RefGrab-It

How to use version 2 of RefWorks, the reference manager. This legacy version will be supported by ProQuest through 2019.

Video Tutorials about RefGrab-It

This video demonstrates how to install and use RefGrab-It.

Install RefGrab-It

RefGrab-It only takes a few miunutes to install or download/install on your computer. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your RefWorks account, select Tools from the toolbar, and then RefGrab-It
  2. Read the information about the bookmarklet and plug-ins, and decide which one you want to use and with which browser
  3. Follow the directions for installation. Contact Ask Us or see the RefWorks 2.0 Advanced Features handout if you experience difficulties.

Now you're ready to navigate to webpages and capture their bibliographic information.

Import References With RefGrab-It

Using RefGrab-It is as easy as navigate and click! Follow these steps:

  1. Open the browser of your choice, Internet Explorer or Firefox
  2. Navigate to a webpage of interest
  3. Click on the bookmarklet or plug-in icon, whichever you decided to install
  4. A window will open showing you the webpage reference at the top and any resolved links from the page beneath
  5. Check the webpage references you want to save and then click on the Import into RefWorks button
  6. The RefWorks login page will pop up if you aren't in your account already; otherwise the RefWorks window will come to front
  7. You can view the webpage references in the Last Imported Folder and move them to the folder of your choice


Ask Us!

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Ask Us!

What Is RefGrab-it?

RefGrab-It is a bookmarklet (or plug-in) you use with Internet Explorer or Firefox to capture references from webpages and import them to your RefWorks acccount.

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