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RefWorks - Legacy: Create Bibliographies

How to use version 2 of RefWorks, the reference manager. This legacy version will be supported by ProQuest through 2019.

Create Bibliographies from Your Folders

You can easily create bibliographies or reference lists from the folders of references you have saved in your RefWorks account. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into RefWorks
  2. Select Create Bibliography button towards the page top
  3. A window will pop up; select the Output Style, which is the citation manual style required for your project
  4. Look at Format a Bibliography from a List of References and select the file type you need - usually Word for Windows or Mac
  5. Under References to Include, select the folder of references used for your project. Note: all references in a folder will be included in the bibliography; create a subfolder if you only want a subset of references in the bibliography.
  6. Select the Create Bibliography button and the completed bibliography will open up. Note: if the document doesn't appear, turn off your popup blocker and try again.
  7. Now you can copy and past the bibliography to the end of your paper or project

Add Citation Styles With Output Style Manager

Your new RefWorks account will already have a few citation styles added to your Favorites list, e.g. APA, MLA. You can see the Favorites list in a drop-down menu when you edit references or create a bibliography. To add citation styles to your Favorites, you need to use the Output Style Manager. Follow these steps:

  1. Select Bibliography on the toolbar, and then select Output Style Manager
  2. A window opens that contains two lists: List of Output Styles and Favorites
  3. Scroll down the List of Output Styles until you see the citation style you want, select it, and then click on the green arrow that points to the Favorites.
  4. You've now added the citation style to your Favorites list. Just reverse the process to delete styles from your Favorites.

Note that besides the commonly used citation styles, RefWorks provides styles used by particular journals. If you are planning to submit a manuscript to a journal, check the List of Output Styles to see if the journal is listed there.

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Bibliograpy vs. Reference List

RefWorks uses the word "bibliography" interchangably with "reference list," but they really are different beasts.

A bibliography is list of all sources you consult during the preparation of a research paper or project, even if you don't paraphrase or quote from them in your work. A reference list is the list of sources you actually paraphrase or quote, and cite in your paper or project.

Your instructor should tell you whether you need a bibliography or reference list for your assignment - be sure to ask if you're not sure which one to use.

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