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RefWorks - Legacy: Import References

How to use version 2 of RefWorks, the reference manager. This legacy version will be supported by ProQuest through 2019.

Import References from the Library Catalog

You can import single or multiple references from sources you find in the UNT Library Catalog to your RefWorks account. Get step-by-step directions with screenshots in the document below.

Video Tutorials: Add References and Attach Files

Learn how to import references to your RefWorks account and attach files to the references with these YouTube tutorials produced by RefWorks.

Import References from EBSCOhost Databases

The UNT Libraries offer access to over 80 databases from EBSCOhost! Some of the more frequently used ones are Academic Search Complete, ERIC, MEDLINE, MLA International Bibliography, and PsycINFO.

You import references from all of these databases the same way:Export icon

  1. Do a search, find an article that sounds relevant to your research, and select its title link
  2. Read the abstract to determine if you want the article, and if you do . . .
  3. Look at the right panel, find the Export icon and select itDirect export to RefWorks
  4. On the Export Manager page, select Direct Export to Refworks and then Save
  5. If your RefWorks account isn't open already, then the log in page will pop up at this point - log in
  6. Select View Last Imported Folder at the bottom right of the Import Reference window
  7. Select the reference and then hover over the Move Folder icon to see your list of folders
  8. Select the folder that is the destination for the reference and you're done! The reference is now in the folder and in All References.

Ask Us!

Need help? Then use the Libraries' Ask Us service. Get help from real people face-to-face, by phone, or by email.

Ask Us!

Importing Is Easy!

Most databases provide a feature that will import the reference for an article right into your RefWorks account. There are a few that don't, but you can still import references from them by saving the reference as a text file first and then importing. Contact Ask Us or your library liaison to get assistance with the trickier imports.

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