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RefWorks - Legacy: Organize Your Account

How to use version 2 of RefWorks, the reference manager. This legacy version will be supported by ProQuest through 2019.

Video Tutorials: Create and Manage Folders

Learn how to create and manage your account folders with these YouTube tutorials produced by RefWorks.

Create Folders

Create folders to organize your references by topic, course, assignment, or whatever you choose. Start by clicking on the New Folder button.

New Folder button in RefWorks

Next name the folder and create it. You may choose to create a subfolder within a parent folder to further organize references.

The new folder will appear in the Folders list on the right of your account.

Manage Your Folders

Manage your folders by navigating to the Organize and Share Folders tab.

Organize Folders tab


You'll see a list of all of your folders with Edit Folder and Share Folder icons to the right of each.

Folder list


Click on the Edit Folder icon (left) to do the following: rename, clear or delete a folder, create a subfolder, and find duplicate references.

Click on the Share Folder icon (right) when you want to share folders with others. See this page for details on RefShare.

Organize Before Importing!

Organize your new RefWorks account by making folders before you start importing references. That way you can move the references to appropriate folders right away and avoid having to move them from the All Reference list later.

RefWorks is similar in structure to iTunes. You'll have a library of all references you've ever imported in the All References list and copies in the folders you've created and filled.

Don't worry if you make a mistake because it's really hard to delete a reference from RefWorks. You'll be asked multiple times if you're sure when you try to delete one.

Add a Reference Manually

Sometimes you won't be able to import references into RefWorks. This could happen when you have to enter a reference from a print article, or you use a database that lacks the import function. RefWorks does provide a way to add references manually.

  • Hover over References on the top tool bar until you see the drop-down menu. Select Add New.

Add new reference

  • Select the citation style you want to use, e.g., MLA, APA. and the reference type you're adding, e.g., journal article, web page. You will be shown the required fields you need to fill for the style you've chosen.
  • Complete the fields, indicate which folder to add the reference to, and save the reference.


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