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The Spark: The Spark @ Discovery Park

The Spark Makerspace @ DP

In cooperation with the University’s response to COVID-19, The Spark Makerspace at the University of North Texas Libraries physical locations are closed until further notice.


The Makers have limited access to makerspace resources at The Spark @ DP and on the 2nd floor of Willis Library. We are trying to meet students needs virtually and by appointment. If you are in need of makerspace resources please send an email to 


The makerspace team continues to offer online workshops as well as consultations. Keep up with making and makerspace happenings through our blog.


We look forward to seeing you again when UNT opens.

- Your Makerspace Crew

The Spark @ Discovery Park is an extension of our first location from main campus. In developing out the collection we aim to house resources in support of the academic goals of the curriculum, while also giving students a dream space to create, invent, and explore. Below is information about our collection at DP.

The Spark @ Discovery Park

Location: M130

Hours: See note above

Phone: (940)-565-3175


Do you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to share your project? We want to hear from you 


Our maker-techs come from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. You can easily identify them from their grey vests, and they will always be happy to help you.

Contact Judy Hunter for tours, course integration, collaboration, and other administrative needs.

Materials & Resources at Discovery Park M130

For a total list of all resources within The Spark Collection please review tabs above. Below is a list of the resources that are located in Discovery Park:

  • Audio/ Visual
    • Casio Dat Projector XJ-M251
    •  Canon SL1 camera with 18-55mm lens
  • Electronics/Programming/Prototyping
    • Arduino
      • Arduino Eplora
      • Arduino Uno
      • Arduino Mega 2560
      • Arduino Starter Pack
      • Shields
        • Wave Shield
        • GPS Logger
        • Wifi Shield
        • NFC/RFID COntroller Shield
        • Data logging
        • Ethernet
        • Color TFT Shielf with MicroSD & Joystick
        • Interface for Scientific Probeware
      • Sensors
        • ADXL335 Board v2
        • Maxbotix Ultrasonic Rangefinder LV-EZ1
        • PIR (motion) sensor
        • Sensor Pak 900
        • Membrane Matrix Keypad
        • 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout - BNO055
        • Reflective IR Sensor with 470 & 10K Resistors
      • Intel Galileo Boards
    • TI Launchpads
      • MSP-430G2
      • MSP432P401R with SEED Sidekick
      • Accessories:
        • CAptiva Touch BoosterPack
    • Raspberry Pi
      • Model B Starter Pack
      • Zero Starter Pack
      • Accessories
        • Pimoroni Pibrella
        • Pimoroni PiGLow
        • PiTFT Mini Pi Plate
        • Wolfson Audio Card
    • Virtual Reality
      • HTC Vive
      • Oculus
  • Printing/Cutting/Replicating
    • 3D Printing
      • Lulzbot TAZ 6
      • Ender
      •  SparkX- an upcycled printer build in house from parts
    • 3D Scanning
      • Makerbot
      • EinScan- by Workorder
    • Milling
      • Carvey
      • Othermill
      • X-carve
    • Vacuum Forming
      • Centroform Tabletop Vacuum Forming Machine
    • Tools
      • Hand & Electric Tools
        • Mechanic Tool Set
        • Dremel 4200 Platinum Edition
        • Dremel Saw Max
        • DSO NANO Oscilloscope
        • Oscilloscope
        • EX330 Multimeter
        • Absolute Digimatic Caliper Series 500
        • Glue Gun
        • RYOBI Power Tools
      • Soldering
        • Digital Geniune Hakko FX-888D
        • Rework Station


Spring 2020 Discovery Park Workshops:






Getting Started with Hand & Power Tools

February 4

4:00 pm

Discovery Park M130

Getting Started with CNC Milling February 10 4:00 pm Discovery Park M130
Engineering Week: Factory Workshop: How to 3D Print February 18 2:00 pm Discovery Park B135
Engineering Week: Factory Workshop: How to Solder February 20 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm Discovery Park M130
Getting Started with Arduino February 25 3:30 pm

Discovery Park M130

Getting Started with 3D Scanning/Modeling March 4 12:30 pm Discovery Park M130
Introduction to Soldering March 19 CANCELED

Discovery park m130

Getting Started with CNC Milling March 23 3:00 pm Discovery Park M130
Getting Started with 3D Scanning/Modeling April 2 12:30 pm Discovery Park M130
Getting to Know TInkerCAD April 7 2:30 pm Discovery Park M130
Getting Started with Soldering April 16 1:00 pm Discovery Park M130

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