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EDSP 3210: Educational Aspects of Exceptional Learners: Required Readings

Useful library information for EDSP 3210, Dr. Miriam Boesch, Dr. Cristina Chen, William Barron

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Suggested Readings for EDSP 3210

​Russell, C. L. (2008). How are your person first skills? A self-assessment. Teaching Exceptional Children, 40(5), 40-43.

The University of Kansas (8th ed.). Your worlds, our image.  Lawrence, KS: Author.  (poster)


EDSP 3210 - Booklist Choices for Book Review
Note: Books are categorized by emphasis and also disability area.  Read one book and follow the instructions for the Book Review assignment, which can be found under Assignments on Blackboard.

Classroom Teacher Perspective:

Hayden, Torey L. (2002). Beautiful child.  New York: Avon Books. (emotional/behavioral disabilities)

Hayden, Torey L. (1981). Somebody else’s kids.  New York: Avon Books.  (autism spectrum disorder; traumatic brain injury; students at risk)

Perspective of Individual with a Disability

Cohen, B. & Wysocky, L. (2005). Front of the class: How Tourette Syndrome made me the teacher I never had. NY: St. Martins. (Tourette Syndrome)

Draper, S. (2010). Out of my mind. NY: Atheneum Books for Young Readers. (physical disability; gifted)

Pistorius, M. (2013). Ghost boy: The miraculous escape of a misdiagnosed boy trapped inside his own body.  Nashville: Nelson Books. (Physical Disability)

Parent/Family Perspective

Barnett, K. (2013) The spark: A mother’s story of nurturing, genius, and autism. New York: Random House. (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Dunsford, C. (2007). Spelling love with an X: A mother, a son, and the gene that binds them. Boston: Beacon Press. (Fragile X Syndrome; Intellectual Disability)  

Zapata-Whelan, C. (2006). Finding magic mountain: Life with five glorious kids and a rogue gene called FOP. Cambridge, MA: De Capo Press. (Physical Disability)



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