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EDHE 5210: Student Demographics: Required Readings

Useful library information for EDHE 5210, Dr. Uyen Tran-Parsons, Student Demographics

Required Readings for EDHE 5210


Guiding Young People Not to Colleges or Careers - But to Good Lives. (March 22, 2022). EdSurge.

Renn, K. A., & Reason, R. D. (2013). College students in the United States: Characteristics, experiences, and outcomes. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (on reserve

Introduction to Student Engagement and Sense of Belonging

Renn, K., & Davis, L.P. (2017) Institutional identity and campus culture. In Schuh, J.C., Jones, S.R., & Torres, V. (Eds.), Student services: A handbook for the profession (pp. 58-72).  Jossey-Bass.  

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Pew Research Center. (2020). On the cusp of adulthood and facing an uncertain future: What we know about Gen Z so far. Parker & Igielnik. Must set up account, not UNT Libraries' content

Rickes, P. C. (2016). Generations in flux: How gen Z will continue to transform higher education space. Planning for Higher Education, 44(4), 21-45.

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Sarubbi, M., Kiyama, J.M., & Harper, C.E. (2019). Ideologies of invisibility and support for families of color during orientation initiatives. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 56(1), 49-62.

Students in Various Forms of Crisis

Student Affairs NOW. (2021, July 7). Mental Health and College Students. [Video file.] Retrieved from
Student Affairs NOW. (2021, February 9). College Student Basic Needs [Video file.] Retrieved from 
Monahan-Kreishman, M., & Ingarfield, L. (2018). Creating campus communities of care: Supporting sexual violence survivors. New Directions for Student Services, (161), 71-81. 

Honors Students, Graduate Students, and International Students

Higher Ed Live. (2017, March 1). Supporting & Engaging Graduate & Professional Students [Video file.] Retrieved from
Dorsett, J. (2017). High hopes: International student expectations for studying in the United States. New Directions for Student Services, 2017(158), 9-21. (Use UNT EUID and password to access reading).
Miller, A. L., & Dumford, A. D. (2018). Do high-achieving students benefit from honors college participation? A look at student engagement for first-year students and seniors. Journal for the Education of the Gifted, 41(3), 217–241.

Collegiate Athletes & Students in Greek Letter Organizations

Higher Ed Live. (2017, August 16). Partnerships to Promote Student Athletes’ Academic [Video file.] Retrieved from 
Student Affairs Now. (2022, February 2). Fraternity & Sorority Life: From foundations to emerging issues. Retrieved from
Garcia, C.E. (2020). Climates for ethnic and racial diversity: Latina/o sorority and fraternity member perspectives. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 57(3), 237-252.

Post-Traditional Students
Student Affairs Now. (2023, March 29). Commuter students: Who they are and what they need to succeed. Retrieved from
The Key. (2019, October 27). The State of Student Transfer [Audio file.] Retrieved from

Students with Disabilities
Higher Ed Live. (2018, January 31). Disability in Higher Education: A Social Justice Approach [Video File.] Retrieved from
How do ADHD and Adderall change the chemistry in our brain? From Chemistry for Your Life Podcast

Trans Students
Barnard Center for Research on Women. (2014, May 13). Dean Spade: Why do trans women belong at women’s colleges? [Video file]. Retrieved from

Men and Masculinity
Student Affairs Now. (2023, May 17) Unmasking. Retrieved from
Wood, J. L. (2018, October 4) Black Minds Matter Week 9: Holistic Support for Black Male Learners [Video File.]. Retrieved from (*Stop at minute 57)
Strayhorn, T. L. (2020) Exploring the role of race in Black males' sense of belonging in medical school: A qualitative pilot study. Medical Science Education, 30(4),1383-1387. doi: 10.1007/s40670-020-01103-y.

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