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EDLE 6910: Special Topics

Useful library information


Suggested e-books for EDLE 6910



Suggested databases for EDLE 6910



Suggested e-journals for EDLE 6910


Educational Leadership & Policy Journals 
Administrative Issues Journal: Connecting Education, Practice, and Research
Education Law
Educational Administration Quarterly
Education Leadership Review
Educational Management Administration & Leadership
Educational Research for Policy and Practice
Frontiers in Education
International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership
International Journal of Leadership in Education
Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership
Journal of Educational Administration and History
Journal of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 
Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice
Journal of Leadership Education
Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership
Journal of Research on Leadership Education
Journal of School Leadership
Journal of Special Education Leadership
Journal of Women in Educational Leadership
Leadership and Policy in Schools
Leadership and Research in Education
Organizational Change & Leadership
Education Policy Analysis Archives
Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis Archives
Education Finance and Policy
Educational Leadership
Educational Policy
IAFOR Journal of Education
Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies
Journal of Education & Social Policy
Journal of Education Policy

Education Journals 
Action in Teacher Education
American Educator
American Journal of Distance Education
American Journal of Education
Anthropology & Education Quarterly
Education and Urban Society
Peabody Journal of Education
Planning and Changing Journal
Teachers College Record
Urban Education
Urban Review
Youth & Society

Education Research Journals
Administrative Issues Journal: Education, Practice & Research
American Educational Research Journal
Educational Research
Educational Research Review
Educational Researcher
Educational Research Quarterly
International Journal of Early Childhood Education Research
International Journal of Educational Research
International Journal of Educational Research and Innovation
Issues in Educational Research
Journal of Educational Practice & Research
Journal of Educational Research
Journal of Educational Research and Policy
Journal of Educational Research and Practice
Journal of Planning Education and Research
Journal of Research in Childhood Education
Journal of Research in Rural Education
Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs
Journal of Research on Leadership Education
Journal of School Public Relations
Journal of Special Education Research
Review of Educational Research
Review of Research in Education
Theory and Research in Education
Theory and Research in Social Education
Universal Journal of Educational Research

Qualitative Research Journals
International Journal of Qualitative Methods 
International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education
Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research
Qualitative Inquiry
Qualitative Research
The Qualitative Report

Mixed Methods Research Journals
Journal of Mixed Methods Research
International Journal of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods
International Journal of Quantitative Research in Education

Quantitative Research in Education

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