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BIOL 1740: Biology for Science Majors II Lab: Introduction

How to locate a peer-reviewed, primary source, research article for your written assignment.


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Welcome to the class page for BIOL 1740: Principles of Biology II Lab! Explore the tabs on this page to find tips and library resources that will help you successfully complete your written assignment. Feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions.

Select a Topic

For your writing assignment, you are allowed to pick any BIOL 1740 laboratory topic that interests you. Some of the topics students have to come to me with are algae, fungi, and bacteria. These are extremely broad topics that you will need to narrow down before you search for an article.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to narrow your topic:

  1. Is there a specific organism that you're interested in? For example, you might wonder about the bacteria E. coli that contaminate food.
  2. Organisms can impact a variety of other organisms and environments - which impacted organisms/environments are you interested in? For example, are you interested in marine or fresh water algae? Fungi that people eat or that grow on people, e.g., ringworm? Bacteria that are helpful or harmful to humans?
  3. Are you interested in a particular animal or human disease caused by a microorganism? Look it up in a medical dictionary (see below) and see which organism causes the disease.

Answering the questions above will give you some additional keywords to search with, which will focus your search in journal article databases.

You can also look in the reference books below to narrow your topic to a particular organism or category of organisms.

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