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ART 2360: Art History Survey II - Thompson: Books & Exhibition Catalogs

Resources for the Non-Western art textbook inclusion assignment. Professor Shana Thompson.

Non-Western Art Books

How to Find Books on Your Artwork, Artist and Culture

Books on Art and Artworks of Non-Western Cultures

Example Topic:
After searching "Mesoamerican" in ARTstor, I looked through hundreds of images of artworks from a variety of Mesoamerican cultures from South and Central America. I found a pic of the Aztec Calendar Stone and think it should have been included in the textbook.  So I perform the searches shown below to try to find books on the artwork itself, the art of the culture and the artist (if known).

Example Search:

Search the UNT Libraries Catalog
1. To get to the Catalog, go to the UNT Libraries home page:
2. Choose the "Books & More" tab. The default search will be a Keyword search.

To Find Books on the artwork: Aztec calendar stone, or Aztec AND calendar, or "Stone of Five Eras"
To Find Books on the overall art of the culture: Aztec AND art
To Find Books on Artists: If you know the name of the artist search last name, first name.

Some of the books you find may be exhibition catalogs. If you want to search specifically for exhibition catalogs, perform a search like this: Aztec AND exhibition.

Books will be on the 3rd floor of the Willis Library and can be checked out using your UNT Student ID card at the Library Services Desk on the 1st floor. The undergrad checkout period is three weeks and you can renew them for another 3 weeks if no one else has requested them. You may also find ebooks that can be accessed online.

How to Find and Request Books not Owned by the UNT Libraries

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