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African American Studies: Articles

Guide for conducting research related to African American studies in the collections of the University of North Texas Libraries

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Sojourner Truth
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Find Articles in the column to the right searches the full text of scholarly articles from 6,800+ publishers and 94,000+ journal and periodical titles. Over 92% of the online article content for which the UNT Libraries subscribes is available for searching via this tool. That percentage is increasing as new resources are added. Scholarly open access repositories are also included.

(Be sure the Articles tab is activated before conducting your search.)

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From time to time Google Scholar may be useful for locating appropriate "fugitive" articles too.

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Articles - African American Studies - Search Tips

Search Strategies

Searching African American or African Americans in full text article databases will yield hundreds of thousands of results. Follow the suggestions below to narrow the field:

Enclosed the search words in quotation marks to ensure that the articles retrieved include the two words as a phrase.

Add more topic terms or phrases to focus your results.
For example, if your topic covers music, or business, or a scientific discipline, include the term in your search ("African American" jazz or "African American" "business ownership" or "African American" mathematics).

Review the results and look closely at the subject terms for any articles that are exactly on target for your research. Then run the search again and include the targeted search terms.

Another strategy is to search specific databases that emphasize or specialize in African American topics; see the Databases & More tab for more information.

There are additional resources to search under the Websites tab of this guide.

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