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African American Studies: Introduction

Guide for conducting research related to African American studies in the collections of the University of North Texas Libraries

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African American Studies Research Guide

Some Noteworthy African Americans

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African American Studies Research Guide

African American Studies is an interdisciplinary field covering the history and culture of Americans of African descent. African American people have made contributions to every conceivable field of endeavor, ranging from the liberal and fine arts to communications and journalism, from education and science to business and public affairs.

UNT offers an interdisciplinary minor in African American Studies.

This guide provides directions to locate resources related to African American Studies. Because of the wide range of fields in which African Americans have a role, research in African American Studies will be most effective when combined with terms for other topics. For example, searching "African American history" or "African American science" will discover library materials that are targeted to a more specific range of materials.

Tips for using this guide:

Reference Sources lists general works like encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, biographies, general histories, chronologies, and atlases.

The Articles tab provides a tool to search the subscription databases of newspapers, current awareness publications, journals and scholarly research resources.

The Books tab provides a search interface for finding books, audiovisual media, maps, music scores, dissertations and other physical items owned by the Libraries.

The Databases & More tab allows researchers to identify specific electronic databases containing information on African American Studies and lists recommended resources.

The Digital Collections at UNT tab searches electronic resources developed and maintained by the Digital Projects Unit of the Libraries.

The Websites tab lists freely available sources on the Internet for topics relevant to African American Studies.

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