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AEAH 4840: History of Furniture: Furniture Identification

Resources for identifying and researching furniture.

Interior Design & Architecture Books

Furniture Identification: Image Databases

Furniture Style Identification: Image Databases

Search ARTstor for over a thousand  visual examples of chairs and other furniture and styles. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge and zoom around in the image to look more closely at the ornamental details.

Search examples: Chair, Chair AND Empire, Empire AND Furniture
*If accessing off campus, you will be asked for your EUID and EUID password.

Furniture Style Identification Books

Furniture Style Identification Books

*Most books are located in the Willis Library on the 3rd floor. Click the title of the book to see the location and call number.

Identifying American furniture: a pictorial guide to styles and terms, colonial to contemporary
The Complete Guide to Furniture Styles
Dictionary of Furniture
Sotheby's Concise Encyclopedia of Furniture
Furniture & Furnishings: a Visual Guide
The Encyclopedia of Furniture
A Short Dictionary of Furniture
History of Interior Design and Furniture: from Ancient Egypt to Nineteenth-Century Europe
The Encyclopedia of Furniture, an outline history of furniture design in Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Rome, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Scandinavia, Spain, Russia, and in the Near and Far East up to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century
Ancient Furniture; a History of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Furniture
Furniture of Classical Greece
The Shorter Dictionary of English Furniture; from the Middle Ages to the Late Georgian Period
Furniture and Interior Decoration of the Italian Renaissance
The Ornamented Chair: its development in America, 1700-1890
Italian Empire Furniture: furnishings and interior design from 1800 to 1843
New England Furniture at Winterthur: Queen Anne and Chippendale periods
Regency Design, 1790-1840: gardens, buildings, interiors, furniture
Art Nouveau Furniture
Early Neo-Classicism in France: the creation of the Louis Seize style in architectural decoration
Louis XVI Furniture
A Directory of Queen Anne, Early Georgian, and Chippendale Furniture
Spanish Furniture
Victorian Furniture
Empire Furniture, 1800 to 1825
Chinese Classical Furniture
Western Furniture: 1350 to the Present Day in the Victoria and Albert Museum
The Dictionary of English Furniture, from the Middle Ages to the Late Georgian Period (3 vols.)
A History of English Furniture (4 vols).
Collector's Encyclopedia of American Furniture
Contemporary Furniture: an International Review of Modern Furniture, 1950 to the present
Furniture by Architects: Contemporary Chairs, Tables and Lamps
Identifying American Furniture: a Pictorial Guide to Styles and Terms, Colonial to Contemporary
Art Deco Furniture: the French Designers
Sourcebook of Modern Furniture
Encyclopedia of Furniture Materials, Trades, and Techniques
The Complete Book of Shaker Furniture
Collector's Encyclopedia of American Furniture
American Furniture & the British Tradition to 1830
American Painted Furniture 1660-1880


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