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AEAH 4805/5805: Angels and Demons: The City of Rome: Roman Art & Architecture

A guide to resources on the artists, architects, art, architecture, history, theology, philosophy, mythology, ritual, literature and liturgy of Ancient to Renaissance Rome.

Books on Roman Art & Architecture

Roman Art & Architecture

Roman Art and Architecture: Books


To Find Books at the UNT Libraries:

Search the UNT Libraries Catalog.
Art Object search example: Pieta; Pieta AND Michelangelo
Name search examples: Vitruvius, Pollio; Bramante, Donato; Magdalene, Mary; Buonarroti, Michelangelo
Subject search examples: Rome Architecture, Vatican
Topic keyword search examples: Rome AND Architecture, Vatican AND Architecture; Bramante, Donato AND "St. Peter's Basilica"; Vitruvius AND Architecture; Pantheon AND Hadrian, AND "Domus Aurea".

To Find Books Available at Other Universities

Search the World Catalog to find books not owned by UNT. The World Catalog contains more than 35 million records describing items owned by libraries around the world.  If accessing off campus, you will be asked for your EUID and EUID password.

Books that do not have an UNT Libraries logo beside them are not owned by UNT. Books not owned by the UNT Libraries may be requested through our free borrowing program Inter-Library Loan .

Art and Architecture of Rome: Books

Most of the selected list of books below are located on the 3rd floor of the Willis Library. Click the title of the book to see the location and call number.

Art and Archaeology of Rome: from Ancient Times to the Baroque
The Papacy and the Art of Reform in Sixteenth-Century Rome: Gregory XIII's Tower of the Winds in the Vatican
The Art of Renaissance Rome, 1400-1600
The Art of Ancient Rome
The Art of Rome, c. 753 B.C.-337 A.D.; Sources and Documents
Between Renaissance and Baroque: Jesuit Art in Rome, 1565-1610
Imperial Rome and Christian Triumph: the Art of the Roman Empire AD 100-450
The Vatican: Spirit and Art of Christian Rome
Rome, the Late Empire; Roman art, A.D. 200-400
The Chronology of Medieval and Renaissance Architecture, a Date Book of Architectural Art, from the building of the ancient basilica of S. Peter's, Rome, to the consecration of the present church
Papacy and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Rome: Pius VI and the Arts
From Caligula to Constantine: Tyranny & Transformation in Roman Portraiture
Roman Art in the Private Sphere: New Perspectives on the Architecture and Decor of the Domus, Villa, and Insula
The Churches of Rome
The Architecture of Rome: an Architectural History in 400 Presentations
Ancient Churches of Rome from the Fourth to the Seventh century: the Dawn of Christian Architecture in the West
The Architecture of Roman Temples: the Republic to the Middle Empire
The Domus Aurea and the Roman Architectural Revolution
The Pantheon: Design, Meaning, and Progeny
Principles of Roman Architecture
Houses, Villas, and Palaces in the Roman World
Roman Villas: a Study in Social Structure

Art and Architecture of Rome: Journal Articles

For Journal Articles on Roman Art and Architecture, search the same journal databases listed under the tab: People of Rome

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