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ENGL 5760: Scholarly Writing

What is a Blacklisted Journal?

Common problems with predatory publishing is sub-par peer review which impedes your opportunity to improve your journal quality, difficulty in finding your journal article and deletion of your article over time

A predatory publisher may take advantage of academia’s need to publish or the publisher could be incompetent providing poor quality of services.

Some common characteristics of predatory publishers are:

  • Focused on making money.
  • Quality of the published work is not important.
  • Do not follow best practices for scholarly publishing
  • Engage in unethical behavior by committing to false promises.

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Professor J. Javier Rodriguez

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Literary Research

An overview of research and writing techniques dealing with Literary research and criticism. 

English Website

Journal Metrics

Scholarly Electronic Publishing

Publishing - How to Join a Conversation

[WebofScienceTraining]. (2017, October 13). A complete overview of the Journal Impact Factor metric - learn how it's calculated, and how it's used. [Video File]. Retrieved from  

Search in Cabells by entering your journal name or subject search.  Scroll through the list and select a journal that appears to be a good journal.  Review the submission section.  

Cabells Whitelist & Blacklist Demonstration; New Web Interface and Features

Cabells introduces two new important features: the Journal Blacklist, the only blacklist of deceptive and predatory academic journals, and Altmetric Reports, a measurement of journal media mention data.

The Journal Whitelist, our curated, searchable database of over 11,000 journals covering 18 disciplines — connecting researchers, librarians, and administrators to verified, reputable publications. Backed by our newly designed journal summaries presenting our suite of journal quality metrics, now including Altmetric Reports.


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