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ENGL 5750: Bibliography and Methods of Research in Literature

This is the guide for Dr. Nicole Smith

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Items are edited together into single volumes.


Subject-specific dictionaries exist for a variety of topics.


A book containing one or more alphabetical lists of the inhabitants of any locality, with their addresses and occupations; also a similar compilation dealing with the members of a particular profession, trade, or association, for example a Clerical or Medical Dictionary, etc. 



  • Archives and Manuscripts
  • Audiovisual
  • Databases
  • General
  • Patents


Patent and Statistical Databases

  1. Patents
  2. Statistics
  3. Reference

Technical Surveys and Reports

  1. Archives
  2. Audiovisual
  3. Copyright
  4. General

Thesauri -- Classified list of terms or keywords

  1. Archives
  2. Art and Architecture
  3. Classical Languages
  4. Cultures, Anthropology, and Sociology
  5. General
  6. Law and Politics
  7. Museology
  8. Music
  9. Science and Mathematics

Union Catalogs

National Union Catalog is an example. Another example is OCLC Worldcat.

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Class Information

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Information on Old Books

This information came from the Information on Old Books from the online Smithsonian Libraries.

To find the author's name, full title, the imprint (the city, publisher, and date), edition if not the first.  Go to the Title page.  

To find the date the book was registered for copyright (not necessarily the same as the publication date) along with coded information about edition and print copy.  Go to the Copyright page.  

Information on Old Books. Smithsonian Libraries. Accessed 19 October 2017.

Publication HIstory 


First Search / World Cat / OCLC : . This is a similar catalog developed as a computer database to which thousands of libraries in the U.S. and around the world contribute. This database is freely accessible online.

The National Union Catalog: Pre-1956 imprints (London: Mansell, 1968-1981). The NUC, available in print or on microfiche, is a published version of the combined card catalog of several hundred libraries in the U.S., including the Library of Congress.

author/subject bibliographies.

Primary Text Databases

Prior to 1801 ESTC  English Short Title Catalog

1473-1700 EEBO  Early English Books Online

1701-1800 ECCO  Eighteenth Century Collections Online

1639-1800 Evans  Early American Imprints, Series II: Shaw Shoemaker

1801-1819 Shaw  Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans Digital Edition

UNT Primary Resources

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