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ENGL 3200: Rhetorical History and Historiography

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Ethos, Logos, and Pathos - Aristotle's Three Main Rhetorical Styles

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Carol Hargis
University of North Texas
UNT Libraries
1155 Union Circle #305190
Denton, TX 76203-5017
Skype Contact: carol.hargis6


 How do I search for works, authors, words, phrases, or Loeb volumes?

Enter the title of a work, name of an author, a word, or a phrase in the Search box in the upper-right corner of the screen. Use Advanced Search to search introductions, bibliographies, indexes, or other ancillary material. Use recto and verso in Advanced Search to limit searches to left-hand, Greek/Latin (verso), or right-hand, English (recto) pages. Author Browse, Greek Works Browse, and Latin Works Browse may also be used to find titles and authors of works. To find a specific volume by Loeb volume number or title, use Volume Browse. Use the filters on the left-hand side of the results page to narrow choices by work (Greek or Latin), author, form (poetry or prose), period, or genre/subject.*

How do I cite the digital Library?

A complete bibliographical reference is provided at the bottom of each Table of Contents, which can be accessed by clicking the LCL number located above each right-hand (recto, English) page. Because the page numbers and substantive content of the print and digital editions are identical, any volume in digital Library can be cited just like a printed book, or alternatively by its DOI (Digital Object Identifier), located in small print beneath the left-hand (verso, ancient language) page.

How to search on ITER

1.  The results are sorted automatically by relevance to your search terms. You can choose whether your search results are to be sorted alphabetically by title, author or publication date by using the links at the top of the results.

2. Your search results are automatically displayed in summary form. The title, author(s), publication details and source type are displayed. To retrieve the full record click on the blue title of the reference. Alternatively, you can hover the cursor over the eye symbol and select view details.

3. To find out whether the publication is available online at Reading click the Check for full text icon at the top of the full record. If it is available then a link to the resource is provided.

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