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AEAH 5708: Mulberry Street Studio: Required Readings

Dr. Christopher Moffett, Dr. Nadine Kalin

AEAH 5708: Required Readings

Required Readings

Debord, G. (2006). Theory of the dérive. In K. Knabb (Ed.), Situationist international anthology (pp. 62-66). Berkeley, CA: Bureau of Public Secret. Also available here

Ingold, T. (2007). “Up, across and along”. In Lines: A brief history (pp. 74-106). New York, NY: Routledge.

Ingold, T. (2015). The life of lines. New York, NY: Routledge. Read sections: 

  • Line and blob, p. 3-8
  • Footprints along the path, p. 60-63
  • Wind-walking, p. 64-68
  • Seeing with Sunbeams, p. 94-100
  • Line and Sound, p. 106-112
  • The maze and the labyrinth, p. 130-133
  • Education and attention, p. 134-137
  • In-between, p. 147-153
  • The correspondence of lines, p. 154-158

Kaetz, D. (2017). Listening with your whole body: Better hearing through the somatic experience of sound. Hornby Island, Canada: River Centre Publishing.

Klee, P. (1953).  
Pedagogical sketchbook. New York, NY: F. A. Praeger. Also available here.

Lefebvre, H. (2004). Seen from the window. In Rhythmanalysis: Space, time and everyday life (pp. 27-37). New York, NY: Continuum.

Manning, E. (2012). Constituting facts. In Relationscapes: Movement, art, philosophy (pp. 185-206). Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

Pacini-Ketchabaw, V., Kind, S., & Kocher, L. L. M. (2017). Encounters with materials in early childhood education. New York, NY: Routledge.

Schafer, R. M. (2012). The soundscape. In J. Sterne (Ed.), The sound studies reader (pp. 95-103). New York, NY: Routledge. (ebook with one user license and 4 paper copies on Reserve at the Library Services Desk, 1st floor, Willis Library). Search for this chapter in Course Reserves


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