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Transportation: Research and Education

Governmental and other resources pertaining to the conveyance of people or goods from one location to another.


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You can find books related to transportation either by searching the library catalog, or by browsing the library stacks. Here is some general advice on how to find books related to law.

Library Catalogs

UNT Library Catalog (UNT)
Use this online catalog to identify and locate books in the UNT Libraries.
WorldCat (FirstSearch)
Use this online union catalog to find books located at UNT or in other libraries and collections all over the world.

Searching by Subject for Books Related to Transportation

You can perform a subject search in any library catalog, using the term Transportation to find general works on the subject of transportation. You can also use the term Transportation after another subject heading, such as United States, to find transportation-related works on that subject.

Use the red Library of Congress Subject Headings books available on each floor of the library to identify more specific subject headings you can use in the library catalog.

Related subject headings that might be helpful include the following:

  • Commerce
  • Communication and Traffic
  • Storage and moving trade
Here are some other subject terms related to transportation:
  • Acids - Handling and transportation
  • Air travel
  • Bridges
  • Cab and omnibus service
  • Carriers
  • Choice of transportation
  • Commuting
  • Delivery of goods
  • Electricity in transportation
  • Electronics in transportation
  • Emergency transportation
  • Employer-sponsored transportation
  • Freight and freightage
  • Harbors
  • High speed ground transportation
  • Intra-airport transportation
  • Local transit
  • National parks and reserves—Transportation
  • Ocean travel
  • Pack transportation
  • Passes (Transportation)
  • Pipelines
  • Pneumatic-tube transportation
  • Postal service
  • Railroad travel
  • Railroads
  • Roads
  • Route surveying
  • Rural transportation
  • Secregation in transportation
  • Shipping
  • Shuttle services
  • Stagecoach lines
  • Steam-navigation
  • Terminals (Transportation)
  • Transit, International
  • Urban transportation
  • Vehicles
  • Wagon tranis
  • Waterways

Browsing the Library for Books Related to Transportation

Library of Congress Classification

Most books in the UNT Libraries general collection are classified under the Library of Congress Classification system, so named because it was originally developed for classifying books at the Library of Congress. 

Most of our more current books related to transportation are located on the Second Floor of Willis Library under the call numbers GT5220 to GT5286 (Customs relative to transportation and travel) and under call numbers HE (Transportation and communications).

For a more specific list of call numbers and what type of books are classified under each, see the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Our reference books related to law can be found under call numbers beginning with HE in the Reference section on Willis Library First Floor, in the Documents Reference section on Willis Library Third Floor, and at the Information Desk on Willis Library Third Floor.

Dewey Decimal Classification

The UNT libraries started classifying books under the Library of Congress system in 1970. Before that, we used the Dewey Decimal Classification system. If you wish to browse older books on transportation, you can't, because most of them are located in the Library Annex, which is not accessible to the public. You can browse the records in the library catalog under call numbers ranging from 385 to 388: From the catalog, select the "Numbers" tab, Select "Dewey Call Number" from the drop-down menu, then enter "385" in the search box and click "Submit." The specific subheadings are as follows:

  • 385 Railroad transportation
  • 386 Inland waterway & ferry transportation
  • 387 Water, air, space transportation
  • 388 Transportation; Ground transportation

Government Documents

Many of our books on transportation are published by U.S. government agencies. These are arranged in order by the issuing agency and are assigned Superintendent of Documents Classification numbers, which classify documents not by subject, but by the agency that produces the document. Many documents related to transportation will be published by the Department of Transportation. Call numbers of publications from this department begin with the letters TD and are located on the northwest corner of the Third Floor of Willis Library. Other departments—for example, the U.S. Congress—may also have published books related to transportation. For a more detailed list of call numbers and publications issued by the Department of Transportation and its constituent agencies, consult the Government Printing Office’s List of Classes.

Because of the nature of how government documents are arranged, we advise you to search for publications using the library catalog or to rely on staff in the Government Documents Department rather than try to browse the collection, at least until you are familiar with the arrangement of the federal documents collection.

Texas documents related to law use their own Texas Documents Classification Scheme, which also arranges documents by agency and which poses the same problems in browsing as the federal documents.

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